How Liverpool compares to Premier League rivals at present

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Let’s get things straight right now; the transfer window has closed, Liverpool’s new manager is implementing classy football that fits the Liverpool way; so instead of knee jerk reactions each time something goes wrong, it’s time for all of those who really love Liverpool Football Club to take a deep breath and enjoy what is likely to be an interesting period in the club’s history and hopefully a return to the glory days.

Losing Andy Carroll on a season long loan and not replacing him with at least one other recognized striker is far from ideal; but it has happened and there is no point in moaning, because this is the reality.

The Anfield faithful should accept that the club are implementing a long term project, from which the club will emerge far stronger and in a position to challenge the teams at the top.

Some facts; as hard as it is to accept, Manchester United have built a dynasty, largely thanks to a manager who intimidates everyone within the world of football. When his reign comes to an end, there is every chance that United will lose their apparent favoured status.

Both Chelsea and Manchester City are currently stronger than Liverpool; their success built entirely on money invested by mega rich businessmen. Throw unlimited resources at a problem and it would be massively incompetent not to succeed. City will finish above Liverpool; but Chelsea look fragile and their performance against Atletico Madrid suggests that they could implode.

Arsenal always seem to finish top four; but as they continue to lose their best players, their position will become increasingly vulnerable. They spend within their means, they play good football; but their manager’s stubbornness is their Achilles heel. Catching up and replacing Arsenal in the top four should be Liverpool’s immediate target.

Competition is fierce and other teams vying for European places include Tottenham, Newcastle United and Everton, while Sunderland has the potential to join this group.

It was very disappointing that Sigurdsson and Dempsey signed for Tottenham instead of Liverpool; but the good news is that Spurs under Andre Villas-Boas are a very different proposition to last season’s team, with splits already appearing even at this early stage of the season.

Pardew did a brilliant job for Newcastle last season and has managed to keep most of his squad together. They look well balanced, but repeating this success without significant additions to the squad, will be more difficult second time around.

The Blue team from the other side of Stanley Park picked up maximum points in their first two games, but were comfortably beaten by Steve Clarke’s West Brom. Moyes has made a couple of shrewd purchases and not lost any key players, so Everton may be in the better position to challenge for a top four place. But their squad is thin and if they lose a couple of key players they are likely to struggle.

So while it looks like a real tough ask for Liverpool to break into the top four this season; there is every reason to believe that there will be a significant improvement on last season’s 8th place finish.

FSG are clearing out the deadwood and reducing unnecessary overheads. They’ve brought in a manager who understands the Liverpool way and who realizes that there is no overnight solution to the club’s problems.

In the early days of his tenure Rogers has shown the players that he is the boss. His style of football is classy and elegant and following the match against Manchester City it is clear that Liverpool can compete with the best. Now it is time to see consistency against all opponents, not just against the best teams.

Liverpool Football Club is on the way back to the top.




  1. Finally somebody not asking for immediate change of manager/owners

    I’ve noticed a massive increase of knee-jerk fans, jerk being the operative word.

    I completely agree, were not in ideal shape but we can definitely improve and make a push this year!

    1. Agree with you 101%. Just a look at the league table on the right side of this page says it all. It doesn’t lie. My worst fear is that I foresee Liverpool occupying this position for the better part of the season.

      Lord have mercy!!!!!!!

  2. Rose tinted spectacles ignoring 20 years of mis-management at every level.
    As mediocre a squad as I’ve seen since my first game in 1963.
    League form is the only true measure, last 22 league games [19 last season 3 this] 7 wins 4 draws 11 defeats.
    As Rafa would say “fact!”

    It doesn’t make you any less a true red if you are realsitic and not bury your head in the sand – 4th place? Not in the forseeable.

  3. Appreciate the enthusiasm but if you can’t see that these owners are just as messy as the last then you’re dreaming.
    FSG have consistently lied now on so many issues it’s getting harder and harder to see the light.

    Clearly there is no plan and no organisation in place. It’s all pure guesswork based on their ‘experts’.

    Brendan has all my support and has had dignity in his obvious disappointment so far but how long will that last with these no-idea cowboys running the show?

    Hopefully a couple more non- CL years and they’ll leave otherwise we’ll sooner be closer to the bottom than the top.

    Henry’s letter was incredibly lame and gutless

  4. True, if all the players, the manager and all those directly involved were to just focus,then it will a different story next season. This season is for re-building.

  5. just wondering what BR would have gotten us if he had been given the same sums as KD got last summer…..?

  6. if liverpool can stay with in range for the first half of the season with the players we have , and then hopefully the owners will reward liverpool with a big money signing as they didnt buy a striker after andy carrolls departure such as llorente i think liverpool can push forward. one more thing is that most of the players in the starting 11 are top class and just need time to mould together and learn the passing way and we will surely be beating most teams with ease YNWA

    1. 10th place at very best, I think liverpool will be fighting relagation for the next two or three seasons,when torres said he wanted to go to chelsea for a bigger club liverpool were enraged but look now liverpool are miles behind chelsea, I can see liverpool v leeds very soon.

  7. I aint asking for any knee-jerk decisions to be made, as I believe we have a strong manager, and the owner was just let down by a man appointed for a job he wasn’t suited for in Ayre.

    However don’t put sh*t on my toast and say its nutella, this season is not going to be a overly successful one, if we made Europa and had a decent cup run, I would call that a major sucess with this squad, at the minute without goals top ten looks a stretch.

    Last season, the problem was having no real clinical striker, which was clear in the amount of times we hit the post / squandered good chances, but with this not being resolved, and some of the players who would chip in goals like Maxi and Kuyt being shipped out without any apparent replacement, as Borini is looking not exactly brilliant (yet with potential to become another good winger who wasn’t quite good enough up top) and Assaidi who has yet to feature, but past performances have suggested he won’t be scoring week in, week out.

    You then add into the fact we will be in a ‘transition’ period most of this season getting used to the system, and some of our major past performers in Gerrard and Carra are no where near the players they used to be.

    This is going to be a long, long season, and I think fans expectations need to be managed, not the clubs internal affairs. Which I think being overly confident and as if things are all fine, is just as dangerous as thinking its all doom and gloom and everyone should be sacked.

  8. Well,some good points but overall it is more optimistic than realistic. Yeah Newcastle hasn’t added to their squad & Everton is a thin squad..but so are Liverpool. For 9 players gone we added 4 first teamers & 1 reserve striker. So we have a weak squad too.

    Now lets come to the positives. Liverpool maybe short of strikers & we have given the job to two who are not really proven strikers, but the fact remains we have 2 strikers.Now lets have a look at our main competitors.

    So have Chelsea (torres, Sturridge), Spurs (Defoe, Ade), newcastle (ba, cisse) & everton (mirallas,jelavic).of them, Chelsea & Spurs really have no more & newcastle & everton have a few others like the Ameobis for the former & Anichibe etc.. for the later..Right. Well, we have seen how far both Newcastle & Everton have gone without their main men so its easy to conclude their bench in that dept. is pretty ordinary & a huge downgrade from their 1st choice strikers.

    So an injury/suspension to our main rival first choice strikers would require them to change their game drastically which could easily cause mayhem. So they would be no better/worser than our thin striking dept.
    what we however need is Suarez to start scoring..its due long time.
    Last year even though a rated striker by then RVP carried Arsenal on his own shoulders above the Top 4 margin..So, we have to somehow manage that with either of our strikers. We also have a pretty strong mid-field however they need to settle down & understand their roles better. To do better we surely need goals from them too.If we can learn to do that by the end of the first 5-6 matches & maintain a respectable level..we should do just fine.

    Key thing though is to preserve Suarez & borini at least till january & not make them play as regularly as 2 times a week for 90 min. like last week. Clearly, the league position is our priority so we better organize everything around it, with that in mind.

  9. “Some facts; as hard as it is to accept, Manchester United have built a dynasty, largely thanks to a manager who intimidates everyone within the world of football. When his reign comes to an end, there is every chance that United will lose their apparent favoured status.”

    Doubt it, as long as Gill sits on the board of the FA, United will get the same preferential treatment they’ve always enjoyed.

  10. There is only one thing wrong with LFC at the moment.

    Doomsday Fans.

    We have a better squad playing a new type of football that might actually take us somewhere.

    Lets get behind these boys and BR and please stop the continual whining……..

  11. Don’t take any player that we don’t know the quality, use young’s boy’s we have, like adam morgan, ngoo. Will be good for next season. Love liverpool always.

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