Redmen TV : John Henry’s Open Letter (Uncensored Analysis)

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The Redmen TV take a closer look at “Open Letter” written to Liverpool fans by the club’s Principal Owner John W Henry. Is it PR spin, or is it a genuine attempt to engage with the fans, the lads pull no punches in their attempts to find out…


      1. You have to get to the competition first before the rules apply!
        If you play outside European competitions you can do what you want.

  1. “Just want him to talk about managing the team.”

    Are you daft?

    Remember, Rodgers pushed Van Gaal out of the job as Manager of Operations, declaring he’d never have accepted without owning responsibilities for both perceptions. As such, he shares the blame, and certainly the responsibility for addressing such issues to the press and the public!!

  2. As a large club our transfer policy is arse about, we should be about buying quality talent at market price not about bringing in young players who will grow in value that we can sell at a later date. Don’t get me wrong, we should be developing young players, but not with a view to make money on them, who the hell are we meant to be selling them too? Our direct top opposition or theoretically our CL opponents. We should buy players to keep them for the term of their professional careers.

  3. Fenway treat the fans and football wiith utter comtempt.
    The claim they made a “mistake” on deadline day is wearing a bit thin.
    Like how they “accidentally” sold Nando Torres to fund Luis and Carroll. And
    how they “accidentally” lost Mereiles to make 15-20m profit last Summer( wage cuts and transfer fees). This time they “accidentally” sold/loaned 4 goalscorers and couldnt stump up 4m for a replacement.

    Stop lying to us Fenway, you’re profiteering like Hicks. You want to sell now, but your valuation is nonsesnse. So you want to sell us in little pieces.

    Clear off and let the fans take over. Pinnochio Henry has given one bullshxxer too many.

  4. You can not blame Fenway or John Henry. Dalglish and commoli fucked us over. Spending £113 million On shite!! Then rodgers gets anouther £28 million. (spent well) Ok there was a balls up over the Dempsey deal. FSG have more than given the what he needed. Past and present.

    Do we realy want to end like Leeds and rangers?

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