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Obviously the season hasn’t started as well as Liverpool fans had hoped. There have been blunders both on and off the pitch and this has led to supporters rightly voicing their concern. That’s the reason for this article.

I would like to start by saying I’m not suggesting Brendan Rodgers should be sacked. It’s far too early to even consider that. The guy has barely had a chance to settle in at the club, never mind turn it around. And whilst it’s fair to say that early results haven’t been good, Rodgers was open and honest in admitting it would take time to build his team and put his ideas in place.

Whether you’re pro Rodgers, you would have preferred a more experienced manager who has won trophies with other clubs or you believe Dalglish should have been given another season to build on last year and try to get the club back into the Champions League, it doesn’t really matter. Now there’s a manager in place he needs the supporters to give him a chance and get behind him and the team.

So my question, ‘What’s the answer?’ isn’t for now but for the end of the season.

Should Liverpool finish mid table again, what happens? Do the owners continue with Rodgers? Do they make a decent transfer kitty available and entrust him with it? Or do they sack him and get a new manager in?

For what it’s worth, I believe clubs need stability. This gives them a better chance of success. I don’t think employing a new manager every season is the right thing to do. Shankly didn’t transform Liverpool immediately. It took Ferguson several years before his ideas started to flourish at Manchester United. That’s why I think Kenny Dalglish deserved longer. When he was replaced, my worry was that Liverpool now had their fourth manager in charge, in just three years. And it was always going to take time for the new manager to change things, especially when he arrived with bold plans to overhaul the squad and create a style of play that is evident in teams at every level within the club. I know FSG gave Rodgers their complete backing when they appointed him but things change and they might not be so certain should we suffer a disastrous campaign.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And Liverpool won’t be rebuilt in such a short space of time either. I hope Brendan Rodgers can bring success but, if come the end of the season the club is worse off than it was in May, what would you do?


  1. I agree with what you say and I have no other manager in mind as a replacement but I do worry that Brendan has a fixed mindset on how to play (Rafa, Hodgson and Kenny were the same)that doesn’t take into account the style of the opposition’s play. Shanks, Fergie and Moyes watch(ed) the first half and adjusted style of play to cope. As with Pepe (a good goalie, in the right format) not all players can adapt readily to unnecessary back-passes, where a forward is coming at him like an express train

  2. I think it would mainly depend on how good our style of play is, compared to other teams…For example MM at Wolves played great football and was only let down by the quality he had to work with, alot like rafa in his last year really…This coupled with our league position would decide. Luck too, I must add. Madrid before morinho played great football with peligrini but I guess were just unlucky. He then went on to prove himself with malaga…–>luck…

    If things dont work out and they decide to go on without Rodgers, I would have Rafa back.

  3. What’s done is done. Guess we just got to move on. We cannot chamge what has been laid out on the table so the best that we can do it give the team our 100% support and sing our lungs out amd be the 12th man.

    My only wish is whatever the result at the end of the season, the owners give BR more time to turn it around which they should have done in the first place with KD.

    But as I said earlier we just have to move on.


  4. He should be given more time undoubtedly, I think changing managers as often as we’ve been is detrimental if anything! Let BR bring in the players he thinks can achieve what he envisions!! My two cents, he needs a minimum of 3 seasons to instill he’s ideas and style!!! More importantly though, our backing is a MUST

  5. the solution to Liverpool’s problems on the pitch is simple!
    simply buy a 20-25goals a season striker and that’s all…
    if we can get a striker that bangs in goals.. trust me the rest of the team will somehow start chipping in with 1-2-3 goals each.. but for as long as we keep buying midfielders over and over then we are in trouble.. i’ll make this point once again.. brendan Rodgers first task should have been Buy a 20-25 goals striker, immediately he gets the funds, but he didnt and now we are suffering from the same old problem from last season in the present.. so far!.. all i can say is god help us..at the end of the day i love the club and i’ll support BR as i genuinely have faith in him.

  6. The only answer would be to swallow our pride, bring back KK and give him a minimum of three seasons continuous. In all honesty, in terms of attacking flair, KK’s team was tops – far better than the current dispensation.

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