After 23 years, the truth comes out

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British PM David Cameron read a statement today after the findings form the Hillsborough Independent Panel revealed what we knew all along.

Cameron also apologised on behalf of the government for the injustice, lies and cover up.

“Mr Speaker, I want to be very clear about the view the government takes about these findings…

…and why after 23 years this matters so much, not just for the families but for Liverpool and for our country as a whole.

Mr Speaker what happened that day – and since – was wrong.

It was wrong that the responsible authorities knew Hillsborough did not meet minimum safety standards and yet still allowed the match to go ahead.

It was wrong that the families have had to wait for so long – and fight so hard – just to get to the truth.

And it was wrong that the police changed the records of what happened and tried to blame the fans.

We ask the police to do difficult and often very dangerous things on our behalf.

And South Yorkshire Police is a very different organisation today from what it was then.

But we do the many, many honourable police men and women a great disservice…

…if we try to defend the indefensible.

It was also wrong that neither Lord Justice Taylor nor the Coroner looked properly at the response of the other emergency services.

Again, these are dedicated people who do extraordinary things to serve the public.

But the evidence from today’s report makes very difficult reading.

Mr Speaker, with the weight of the new evidence in this Report, it is right for me today as Prime Minister to make a proper apology to the families of the 96 for all they have suffered over the past 23 years.

Indeed, the new evidence that we are presented with today makes clear that these families have suffered a double injustice.

The injustice of the appalling events – the failure of the state to protect their loved ones and the indefensible wait to get to the truth.

And the injustice of the denigration of the deceased – that they were somehow at fault for their own deaths.

On behalf of the Government – and indeed our country – I am profoundly sorry for this double injustice that has been left uncorrected for so long.”

Credit as always for the families who have been fighting for this for 23 years.

You will never walk alone.


  1. The TRUTH has been at last revealed, and with that in mind people who continue to read the Sun are scum. The Daily Mail if it has any sense of justice should should sack Kelvin Mckenzie, he should also be made a pariah in the world media industry. lastly the UK TV and the BBC in particular, should never ever invite Kelvin Mckenzie to appear on any program that they make or host.

  2. Now the truth has been exposed now lets have some justice.
    96 angels and your families always in our thoughts YNWA

  3. We have now had an apology from the PM and Sheffield Wednesday FC but not from the FA.
    As for the scum newspaper and North Yorkshire police your apologies have been empty excuses over the past 23 years you should hang your heads in shame come forward and face the prosecution in court you deserve

  4. Justice will prevail ……. the full truth will only come out when the parties involved are no longer around to be confronted for their actions. JFT96 YNWA.

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