“You’ll Never Walk Alone” climbs up the charts

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You'll Never Walk Alone

A grass-roots effort started by a couple of Kopites has seen Gerry & The Pacemakers hit (and Liverpool anthem) “You’ll Never Walk Alone” climb into the iTunes top 20.

Last time I checked it was at No 16 and climbing, the hope is to have it reach No 1 again. Liverpool fans have been buying the single as a tribute to the Hillsborough victims. Steve Rotheram confirmed on Twitter that Gerry Marsden supports the effort and he is donating any proceedings to the Hillsborough Charities.

So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now. Go to iTunes and buy it.


We don’t just say it we mean it


  1. Spread the word fellow reds on twitter or which ever website you post on.


    They’ll never walk alone

  2. Can I just say I’m a MUFC fan and I will be downloading YNWA in support of HJC and to remember 96 lives lost – and any decent football fan of any club should do the same.

    1. Fair play to you mate. Have seen a few tweets & comments from Mancs who want to support us. Makes you wish it was like this all the time!

    2. Well done Ken. Hope fans from both clubs can now put them sick chants to bed. We will always want a good healthy rivalry.
      Thanks for your support

  3. Evertonian here, Nice one Ken, I will be doing the same, I would also love our players to run out to it on Monday night. I know this may not be the most appropriate time to raise this, but why isnt the Mail being boycotted aswell, considering the odious piece of filth McKenzie now works for them? Can we not start a petition to boycott this paper also until they dispose of his services? Fans may also be interested to know that you can contact the honours forfeiture committee via the government home page to demand the removal of the knight hoods for Bettison, Patnick and the odious Bernard Ingham. Justice for the 96!

  4. This is fabtastic news currently no1 spot so looking good for tonights charts – very fitting tribute to the 96 and their families – showing them we are all with them all the way through this #JFT96 YNWA

  5. Forest fan here and brother (RIP) of a Liverpool fan i will be downloading it for him.
    Good luck staying at number 1 and my thoughts are with families of the 96 gone but not ever forgotten.

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