Liverpool 1 – Man Utd 2 [videos]

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Gerrard gives Liverpool the lead

Rafael ties it up just minutes later

Valencia dives

Van Persie scores from the penalty

RVP by rrmisas


  1. Great performance from the men in Red..
    Absolute disgrace from the man in black..

    Going beyond ridiculous these days to be honest!!

  2. Well played lads shame about the ref he ruined the game. thought today we would kick start our season lets hope it comes soon ynwa

  3. What difference does the performance make? We have a miserable 2 points out of 15. FSG need to show some balls and sack this inept moron Rodgers tonight and all the useless staff he brought with him from Swansea. All Liverpool fans must stop their delusionary ideas that this clown needs to be given more time. We will be relegated under this fool. He has wasted 33 million pounds so far when this money instead should have been spent on a goalscorer. Reina needs to be dropped and sold in January. Johnson needs to be played in midfield because every team is targeting him at fullback. Suarez needs to be sold in January, his continual missing of chances is unacceptable. Borini and Allen are horrific players and are both a total waste of money.

  4. I really feel sorry for the manager. The team is getting better and better every game but the results are not there. They dominated United all game even when they went down to 10 men. How many teams go down to 10 men and still dominate the game? Most teams would put every body behind ball and hope to get a point or pinch a win.
    The stats in the 1st half showed Liverpool with 71% of possesion.
    The young guns are getting a chance, the football is good to watch and we are starting to dominate games. Just been beat by United and no win in 5…………… Why am i feeling so positive???????

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