Manchester United Fans : Hillsborough & Heysel chants at Anfield

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This was from today after their club, players and manager showed such class and respect.
They should be named, shamed and banned for life. I am sure that there are many decent Man Utd fans out there who would love to watch their club.


  1. They completely define the term “inhumane moronic idiots”. In their goading of LFC fans to make fun out of their own tragedy they have completely shown a disregard and lack of respect for their own loss. They other thing they have done is make a fool out of their manager who was so quick to place the chants of last week’s game at the hands of a “small minority” and went out of his way to write to these boneheads before the game. This alleged minority are the same minority who go week in week out and sing more songs about LFC then their own team.
    I find this obsession of us mystifying as they sing about us at every game they play – as pointed out by the chairman of the MU supporters club who advised in the press this week that the MU fans were just singing their usual LFC songs. I don’t confess to being a regular at Anfield but I have been to many games both home and away and the only time I can remember singing any songs about MU is when we have played them. There attitude towards our club and others is just rediculous. But Fergie’s right – their fans our sh.te!

    PS – I hope the real minority (ie the fan kicked out for doing the aeroplane) is never seen at Anfield again – lest we forget that football is NOT more than life and death!

  2. Those are not united fans and Ferguson fans, those are Suarez(s), don’t you know Liverpool fans? it’s everytime a fault of Suarez -__-

    1. Oh and i forgot, Halsey decided to agreed Ferguson’s fee to whistle the penalty because he hates Suarez too, not because he’s a corru…d referee like those in Italy that when they see a foul for Juve half meter outside the penalty area, they give a penalty for Juve…

  3. However, some time after the final whistle, when most of the Liverpool fans had left, a couple of home supporters ran across the main stand to the far corner, where the visiting contingent remained on police orders, and started making aeroplane signals.

    It was an obvious reference to the Munich air disaster in 1958, in which eight United players were amongst 21 people who lost their lives.

    Some United fans responded by chanting “Always the Victims” and “Murderers” in a reminder of the Merseyside club’s own recent tragedies – Hillsborough and Heysel.

    Which is not to justify the chants , but after the way United and their fans behaved , perhaps they could have been spared anything to do with Munich ?

  4. As a United fan since 1972, these chants about LFC are just getting boring. We all know that the real fans dont join in these moronic chants. Apologies are futile and MUFC should have had their own Stewards in the stand and pointed out the culprits, ejected them and banned them for life. Respect for the 96.

  5. Lets hope the cameras were on them and Man Utd does something to these sick sick people calling themselves human beings. Utter disgrace. Hope the police comes into this. Its gone too far. Everyone of them should be ID’ed and banned from every stadium in the UK.

  6. Nothing will be done as Fergescum has the FA under his thumb. Man Utd fans should NEVER be allowed into Anfield again! This disgraceful ‘minority’ (looked like a large contingent rather than minority on Sky) should be ashamed of their behaviour. They are basically mocking the tragic deaths of 96 men, women & children & should NEVER be allowed through the turnstiles of any club in the country. They aren’t human, they’re bottom feeding, pond life scum!

    1. That is a truly disgraceful statement and can only think that you were under the influence of something when you wrote this. Freedom of speech I fundamentally agree with as that is what makes a democracy. However freedom of the anonymous written word such as this making unfound and unjust comments is deplorable. 23 years of pain and suffering after a detailed, planned cover up and you think that compensation is at the forefront of their minds? Cruel, insensitive and disgraceful comments – I am completely aghast. If they get compensation then so be it, however I bet you that they would rather see all of the people who lied and perverted the course of justice be held accountable for their actions and rightly punished. It shows that no matter what evidence there is, some people, such as yourself, will always have hatred at the core their of existence. Shame on you.

  7. I think it’s only fair what they sing. Its their freedom of speech, and in all TRUTHFUL HONESTY they the Hillsborough families just want compensation because their money grabbing layabouts just like their lawyer said. If ANYBODY claims compensation they disrespect the 96, and if they claim compensation you will notice your taxes increase to pay for it.

    1. Naa Antoine, its just their freedom of speech, nothing wrong with this…but Suarez is a racist FOR SAYING SOMENTHING NOT RACIST IN HIS CULTURE…

  8. I find it strange that there is no footage of these two aeroplane gesturing fans?

    As for the usual banine excuses, it was 12 minutes into the game when we got the usual “where’s your famous Munich song” chant, audible in the press box, although not many of the away support joined in.

    That was soon stopped but the chants at the end were clearly not in the minority.

  9. What about the ‘If it wasn’t for the Scousers we could stand’ chants when the public announcement asked the traveling supporters to sit down?? It wasn’t a minority…it was the majority of the travelling support. These are sub-human scum of the highest order!!

  10. With respect, I just want to point out that 2 liverpool fans ran on the pitch after the game making a plane gesture, and the united end retaliated with songs not directly aimed at your tragedy.

  11. As a football fan, it is horrifying how narrow minded and bias all fans are… I go games home and away of many of teams, I was in the away end on Sunday, and also 2 years ago I was in the away end when LFC played United in FA cup 3rd round… And was disgusted at the level of moronic behaviour I seen at both, like a community there is good and bad in everything.

  12. Nobody amongst the CHEATING MANCS supporters were capable of using their cameras(cellphones) to take pictures of the so-called LFC fans doing aeroplane gestures. It baffles the mind since without pictoral proof it just goes to show the scum they are.

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