Unfair Treatment Of Suarez

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Unfair Treatment Of Suarez

Last Saturday Luis Suarez produced another magnificent performance highlighted by scoring 3 terrific goals against Norwich City.

Luis Suarez is a very talented player but he also has a history of controversy, since his time in Holland with Ajax where he bit an opponent to his charge of “racist abuse” towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, which resulted in the Uruguayan being banned for 8 games.

Suarez also has an unfortunate reputation as a “diver” for going to ground too easily under challenges from opponents, and this reputation is really going against the Liverpool striker.

During last Saturday’s match at Norwich Suarez was blatantly bundled to the ground in the penalty area by a Norwich defender, it looked like one of the easiest penalty decisions a referee would ever need to make, but amazingly the referee Mike Jones never awarded the penalty.

The week before against Manchester United Suarez was brought down by United defender Johnny Evans in the penalty box, but again Suarez never got the decision. It is becoming a common theme for Suarez not getting decisions from referees and this is leading to his frustration that invariably leads to him receiving a yellow card for dissent.

Other manager’s comments have not helped Suarez as they have highlighted his “diving” antics. Sir Alex Ferguson being one of those managers that showed distaste to Suarez’s tactics and would have hoped his comments would be noted by Premiership referees. It is obvious that referees have taken note of Sir Alex’s and other manager’s comments.

“Diving” is an unsavoury part of football, but the fact is everybody does it. British players are every bit to blame for doing it as is foreign players and it has just become part of football whether we like it or not.

But no player in England is being victimised for their style of play more than Luis Suarez. Suarez is no angel and he does make the most when challenged, and can exaggerate a bit. But a foul is a foul and a referee has to give one when it is one. But Luis Suarez does not seem to be getting decisions even when they look blatant fouls and it looks like Suarez’s reputation is playing a big part in the referee’s decision.

No matter what reputation a player has a referee has to look at the incident and make his decision on what he saw and not who he saw involved in the incident.

Suarez deserves fair treatment from officials and right now that is not happening and Suarez and Liverpool are the ones suffering which is disgraceful by the referees in this country.


  1. The biggest divers are Manure players, every single one of them and a good few Spurs players with Bale as the worst.

  2. I agree diving has become a part of the game but it is also ruining the game. We have a go at refs for making bad decisions but it is the players own fault for making the decisions harder by exaggerating the tackle.
    There are a lot of players in the premiership who do this but being a lifelong Liverpool fan it is our own players doing it that concerns me most. When you look at our past legends like Rush, Dalglish, Owen, Fowler, Barnes and many more, the last thing they would want to do is lose possession and they would do everything they could to stay on their feet. This meant when they went down the ref knew it was genuine.
    Fact: Suarez is an amazing talent
    Fact: Suarez makes life hard for himself by simulating injury and constantly complaining and appealing. If anyone needs to keep his head down and work hard it’s him. If he does this decisions will start to go his way, but it takes a long time to shake off a bad reputation whether it is deserved or not!

  3. what about Rio Ferdinand refusing to shake hands with Suarez – no action, his brother refusing to shake hands with Terry – no action, what about the players union boss Taylor who publically destroyed Suarez but said nothing about Terry or the Ferdinands ?. pure bias and discrimination toward Suarez and Liverpool fc.

  4. The time has come when Suarez is now an outlaw and anybody can hurt him, foul him as much as they will.
    Why is LFC allowing this to happen. Are they cynically waiting for a massive insurance payout which they can expect when Suarez is crippled for life

    I say it is time to call in the lawyers and sue the indiuvidual referees and their association which now clearly not merely condones the nistreatment of Suarez, but appears to encourage it.

    Liverpool FC lose points, and money.

    An example of Fergusons part in this development against Suarez in this was seen when he screamed for JOJO to be sent off . Is Ferguson planning to start a smilar witch hunt after other non united players. JOJO was sent off, and all present meant that iuf he was found guilty to be sent off then the the MU player should have been sent of too .


  5. Ferguson has got to be one of the biggest hypocrites in soccer. He says foreign players dive, but then quickly defend one of HIS foreign dive-masters, Nani. He isn’t a bad manager, in fact, if I were to compare him to a profession, it would be a politician. A good one at that.

    Simulation is part and parcel of the game. It is unlucky for Liverpool to get the shorter of both ends on the simulation stick. Suarez gets denied calls due to simulation, where other players like Sterling doesn’t get calls because he gets up almost immediately. You see, when players are honest and gets on with the game, dangerous tackles (Van persie two-footed) look less dangerous and it won’t stop them from trying it again. So, unless referees starts calling calls as it is and not whether someone is rolling on the floor or not, simulation will continue.

    So, good point in the article for referees to give when it is a foul. I wonder are referees under position to learn from their mistakes. Does Halsey get warned or reprimanded to improve his performance? When a mistake is made on calls, someone or several people are definitely to blame.Even more for obvious mistakes like the penalty appeal against Norwich. It is blatantly obvious. If he didn’t see it, we should question his refereeing ability for missing such an obvious foul. If the referee saw the foul and didn’t give it, it is his fault. Plain and simple. Norwich’s players are unsportsmanlike to claim it was a dive when it clearly isn’t (as unsporting as Ferguson for pressuring refs), but if a referee is affected by hassling, he shouldn’t be in a position that enforces fairness.

    Referees should admit mistakes when mistakes are made and not give reasons such as reputation and what not.

    Off topic rant: Ferguson’s latest comment on “4 minutes doesn’t give his team a proper chance to win the game” has given me a bad impression of him. It is as though BPL games are designed to allow his team to win. I don’t previously dislike him as he is a successful manager, but after that comment, he has lost my respect.

  6. My cousin watched the Norwich match with me on Fox Soccer Plus channel, his first EPL football match only available with the most expensive Dish satellite package. He left the house totally convinced the EPL condones match fixing after seeing Suarez fouled four times on the same play without a penalty.

    Does the FA wish to impress first time American viewers that they condone match fixing? Simply put, a foul is a foul, never mind the circumstances.

  7. More than 25years as a manager of a particular club guarantees you the chance to control refs, welbeck, nani, rooney, Ashley young, valencia always get a call even if the there was no touch. Fergie has spoilt the reputation of many refs that when MU dont get the proper call, the ref is called to order by ref chief (Riley). When SAF retires the ref Association will have some sort of improvement.

  8. Though i agree its an injustice, he bought the reputation on himself and people do like to put down any star associated with LFC, and he is a victim of the same mind set.

  9. I am a blue and I agree Suarez is not getting the decisions but us blues went through all this with Andy Johnson. Like Suarez he did go down easily and got the rep as a diver. One thing Andy Johnson never done was play act, roll around on the floor, bite, spit, be accused of making racist comments or cheat his country to a semi final ( I think that was great personally).

    Against Norwich yes it was a penalty but look at the way he goes down throwing his head back / arms out. How can a ref give a penalty when they think he dived and at normal speed it looked like a dive

    The only way he will shake the reputation is to stop the playacting no dives etc. if he done that over a period then he is being victimised but let’s be honest he will dive or cheat again at least a few times this year and get away with it

    Suarez is good enough to cut all the play acting / diving out of his game and still be a great player (better in my opinion) but he never got a reputation from other managers or media or whatever he got it all on his own.

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