Redmen TV : Liverpool 0-0 Stoke: More Points Dropped At Anfield

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A first home Premier League win still eludes Brendan Rodger’s as his side were held 0-0 by a “physical” Stoke City at Anfield on Sunday. Liverpool created the better of the chances with Luis Suarez, Glen Johnson and Steven Gerrard all going close. Following the match, The Redmen TV bring you match analysis and the uncensored reactions of Liverpool fans worldwide…

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  1. Frankly i an more concern about the ref then suarez,the replay shown the linesmen were just few meters away and didn’t wave his flag at all when huth stamp on suarez and how can a ref didn’t see what happen when the two tussle for the ball? This mean the ref wasn’t paying attention to the game or the standard of refereeing is not good enough for such a high profile league . If this is the case then you can’t blame players for taking advantage of the situation. Referee should be more smarter to tell whether it is a foul or cheat instead of just saying the english ref is honest and don’t like players who cheat(based on other article) then judge a player by it’s reputation,they are not judge they are referee so they should do what a referee do to give a honest refereeing of what happen,even a judge have to prove a person is guilty before sentencing. All in all the referee standard in EPL is bias and low standard based on what we saw on live game and they can think of such excuse blaming on players who cheat,is like blaming a gun can kill not the person who used it.btw suarez take a tumble but i didn’t see him asking for a penalty did he?so how can you punish someone for tumbling? silly and bias english media trying to creat a storm when our golden sky is approaching.YNWA

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