Luis Suarez – Bad Tackles and Uncalled Penalties thus far 2012/13 Season [video]

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Dear Mr. Bernstein, here is some solid evidence on how this certain Luis Suarez is treated, are your referees asleep?


  1. While I agree that he has been treated unfairly, A lot of these were actually given as free kicks or played on by the referee.

  2. Unfairly??? he has been kicked up and down the pitch by players not fit to lace his boots! unfairly? GET REAL!

  3. He is a victim of his own making, lets face it.. 90% of his falls inside the box are dives.. you cant blame the refs for not believing him.. get the dives out of his game you will win more… and the only reason he dives is because in reality he is just an avearge striker.. nothing special

    1. @ micheal mcneany-
      Tell me is there any different from suarez dive compare with other players?? every team has diver and thugs but why pick on suarez?? did he dive with a perfect 10? This shown the english REF and the FA are bias toward liverpool or the refereeing standard is just not up to the standard of the EPL or their perspective is base on reputation,how can a pro ref saw the stamping(admit it himself)and decide not to take action,is like a police man ignoring a crime scene and decide to be the judge instead of being a good REF,does the ref in EPL support violent game and criticise diving??

  4. A lot of these were given as free kicks or played advantage. However quite a few of them were not punished and I’m getting sick and tired of the media focusing on his diving. In the Stoke game he had seven shades of sh*t kicked out of him but he didn’t get any protection so he had to protect himself,so he started diving to get the attention of the referee. The tackle by Whitehead was eerily similar to that of Shelvey’s, yes he got the ball but it was a dangerous two footed lunge. It seems there’s one rule for Liverpool and another for everyone else. Suarez needs to cut down on the theatrics and try stay on his feet a bit more.

  5. Not a single red card has been issued. Look at how many bad tackles Stoke made, there are at least 2 straight red cards, plus Huth decked him on 3 separate occasions each of them warranting a yellow card at least. That studs up challenge by Whitehead wasn’t even called as a foul!

    Yet all the media has talked about is that dive, if he had gone down straight away it would have been ok, maybe not a pen , but definitely contact

  6. DO referees not play back a game they have just officiated ?He’s dived 2-3 times this year without a penalty given. He has been pulled down at least 3 times also without a penalty been given. On a number of corners Agger has been held especially Manure. I know we don’t always take our chances however we don’t want luck, just a fair F—–g Go!!!!! Tony Pulis. He didn’t even ask for a penalty you KNob. How about Huth ???

  7. How about a video of his dives? He dives a lot too, that’s why referees have a hard time to decide whether it’s a legitimate foul or not.

  8. What we see here is racist biased referees who working for mr fergie, once mr red nose sais suarez is a diver every referee in the country is against him. Please mostarlfc or someone can you bring the record of referees that either got dropped to lower divisions, retired or could never referee a man utd game again and i think we will all be shocked and surprised. This is the reason man utd always challenge at the top with average team but stand out in the champions league.

  9. It is time the refrees see this cips and make their mind. There are a few case of diving but mostly Suarez is on the receiving end leaving him utterly frustrated. C’mon Refs’ be FAIR

  10. If you fail to protect your best players, you lose the credibility of being the ‘best’ league….asap!

  11. It’s true that Premier League referees are not qualified comparing with other League referees. I think EPL needs to hire referees from other countries to improve EPL matches.

  12. Its disgusting that Suarez isn’t afforded the protection by the referees as required by f.a rules,something needs to be looked at before his leg is broken!! At the moment it seems to be open season on him with the opposition knowing they can get away with this treatment

    1. Those tackles which you defined as “dives” ALL had contacts. What specs were you wearing when watching this?

    2. @ Chris – What league do you own? Pray that someday one of your offspring do not have the unfortunate position to be in football match where they will bear the brunt of someone’s studs stuck up their rear end ensuring you feel that pain!

  13. All i see is a diving pansie!! Flying up in the air rolling about all over the place, screaming like he’s been shot!

    Half those clips are of him diving! and you use this as his defense?!

    He’s a diving cheat! GET OUT OUR LEAGUE CHEAT!!!

    1. Those tackles which you defined as “dives” ALL had contacts. What specs were you wearing when watching this?

  14. Some of the tackles shown are really bad and would have merited a red card for the offender, but Suarez also goes down easily. I don’t watch much of Messi’s games, but when I have seen him play, I found that he always tries to stay on his feet. Wish that Suarez would do the same. He’d surely cause our opposition more trouble if he did.

  15. to all of you talking about ALL his dives… if there are so many dives can you please point to the video evidence. As far as I am aware there is not a single and I mean NOT ONE incident where Suarez goes down with out contact. And that includes the Stoke incident.. there was contact and he lost his balance and then there were quite some THEATRICS.. but no dive.

    Yes he does make the most of it BUT what would you do given the fact that it seems like and agenda in some (not all) games to send to the hospital. And the referee does not seem to care.

  16. The english REF,FA and the ….never admit their wrongs and ALWAYS find excuses because they are too arrogant to be judge by others,they even go to the length of covering up the hillsborough case for how many years?(deeply sorry for mentioning that)and we only have a word ‘sorry’ from the one that blaming the fans for the 96 sad moment. They will only admit when the truth comes out. what an a*&#!*

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