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Liverpool FC are set to announce that the club will be adding 10,000 -20,000 seats to Anfield Stadium rather than build an entire new arena.

For Liverpool FC, Anfield is more than a stadium, the club was born when Everton left the Stadium back in 1892. Many Liverpool supporters like me were struggling with the notion of moving to another stadium.

The expansion makes very good business sense, the expansion will cost much less than building a new stadium and the increase in ticket revenue will be the same as a new stadium.

The club will likely reveal a phased approach to the expansion. The Anfield Road and Main Stands are the ones likely to be rebuilt, there is also word of a hotel also being built, this will surely generate some nice extra revenue.

No word on naming rights however if it does happen it will not be a big surprise.




  1. Antoine!!! the hotel will be created using some of the houses on the far side of Lothair Road behind the mainstand, the houses closest will be demolished. The regeneration is in conjunction with Liverpool City Council, great to see both parties seeing sense after so long. The people of Anfield will see a much nicer area and the club expand the stadium, everyone is a winner!!!

  2. well well well wot a suprise that is (not) no money for player investment no new stadium these new yanks gettin to sound like the other lot

  3. Who expected anything different? FSG can re-develop Anfield for about £150M AND they will sell the naming rights for about £100M of that cost. That way they get a “new” ( will have a different name see?) stadium and someone else will have paid for it. That’s what they intended all along.

  4. How about using the Stanley Park area to bring the Kirby Academy, Melwood and the new offices for LFC TV they have in Liverpool all under one roof? I know it will cost money to build but having 3 separate complexes when Anfield could become the home to all would be ideal in the long run.

  5. Whatever they decide to call it wont matter, we will always use the name Anfield. Potential sponsors or a naming rights buyer will be put off by this, not that i care, i love Anfield.

  6. It’s all rubbish!The ‘yanks’ are crap! They should sell to LFC supporters.The proceeds from all games would then go back into the club instead of a lot of that revenue going to America!

  7. FSG have been stated to say that naming rights will only work at a new stadium. Seems pretty obvious that after exhaustive search of world markets no investor could be found. Talk was of selling name for reputed £150m to go along with £150m for refurb of anfield and you have £300m for new stadium. Now no investor so will be a long, long drawn out refurb. Fenway Park took 10 years so expect nothing to happen soon.

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