Anfield Is Home

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Anfield Is Home

Once home for the Blues

Since 1892 home of the Reds

A shrine to football

A cathedral to Kopites

No other ground has so much history

The Kop is legendary

Liverpool’s twelfth man

Many great European nights

Like in 65 against Inter

And that comeback against St Etienne

2005 the semi against Chelsea

The memories are endless

18 League titles

The great teams of the 60’s

The dominant teams of the 70’s and 80’s

The legendary managers

Shankly and Paisley

The legendary players

Liddell, St John, Hunt

Keegan, Hughes, Dalglish,

Souness, Hansen, Rush,

Barnes, Fowler, Carragher, Gerrard

Too many to mention

Have graced the Anfield turf

The gates of Shankly and Paisley

Protect the sacred ground

With Shankly’s statue watching the Kopites marching by

The news that Liverpool will stay at Anfield

Instead of moving home

Means more history and new memories for this famous ground


  1. I wanted a new Stadium, but im of course not dissapointed to remain at Anfield either, hopefully it can be expanded to 65’000 and if possible make the pitch slighlty bigger.

    1. Totally agree 65,000 at least and expanding the pitch would be good. Restaurant, hotel a few shops around maybe good and the toilets and standing areas downstairs in certain parts of the ground could do with a revamp. All these things will bring more money to the club, we should of been doing this years ago.

  2. Could anyone confirm the lfc expansion is going to be 60,000
    Nobody as actually confirmed it at the moment. I personally think
    They should be looking at making it closer to 70,000 or above
    If possible because we don’t need to be in the same situation
    In 10 years time. I’m not sure how much the stadium can be expanded
    To but I’m sure it can easily be filled at 70,000 plus.

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