The Kop Supporting Suarez

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The Kop Supporting Suarez

Liverpool finally earned their first home league win of the season on Saturday against Reading. It was a struggle for the Anfield side as they squandered numerous chances to kill of a stubborn Reading side.

But a win for Liverpool was the most important factor as they strive to make Anfield a fortress again. The home support has not witnessed many victories at Anfield this calendar year, so the victory was a welcome one.

The win was the biggest positive of the day for Liverpool, other positives were the clean sheet which proved vital for the win, with stand in goal keeper Brad Jones making a couple of important saves to achieve this.

Raheem Sterling looks like a seasoned pro and is giving Liverpool an added dimension to Liverpool’s attack not seen since the days of Steve McManaman. Sterling’s goal was clinical after linking up with Suarez who continues to cause havoc for defenders.

But once again the Anfield supporters impressed with their show of support for their talisman Luis Suarez when they saw him rewarded with a free-kick in the first half. The noise was deafening from the home support as they cheered sarcastically at referee Roger East’s decision to award Suarez a free-kick.

The supporters feel Suarez is being unfairly treated by referees’ as both media and opposition managers have recently described the Uruguayan as a “diver”. This unfair reputation has influenced refereeing decisions in recent games, the most amazing decision being the refusal to give Liverpool a penalty when Suarez was brought down in the penalty box during the Norwich match.

The reaction to the free-kick on Saturday must have been music to Suarez’s ears as he knows the Liverpool supporters are right behind him, regardless of what others say. This show of emotion from the home support could have an influence on future refereeing decisions at Anfield opposite to opposing managers’ comments.

The Anfield support is legendary at backing their players and this is just another example of their loyalty to their players.

If Suarez was in any way feeling like an isolated figure in the English game in his quest to play his style of football, then I’m sure he now realises that there are many thousands of Liverpool supporters enjoying his way of playing football, as they help their hero to gain justice from referees.


  1. Hope that shite excuse for a Liverpool supporter Jamie Kanwar and all his brown nose puppets read this. That’s real support from real fans. Liverpool kop is a manc site.

    1. Ur rite sash! I’m all 4 a fair judgement but I think the guys a closet MU supporter! Time 4 him 2 come out!!

    2. Jamie Kenwar aint even been to Liverpool let alone Anfield his views are that of an utter tw*t with no football knowledge.

  2. Hello Sash

    I don’t think he is a manc, but he feels like he can criticise the club no matter what, but if anyone criticises him they get banned (like myself).

    Problem lies in he also thinks his opinion is fact and I wouldn’t mind if his posts are constructive criticisms they are not.

  3. Jamie Kanwar site is a waste of time,he is a bully,any comments he didnt like is instantly removed and he is anti-Suarze

  4. Sash, You are right mate, Jamie Kanwar is shite. But let me assure you not all brown nose dudes support this dick head.

  5. I was at the game Saturday and it was amazing to be part of the sarcastic cheering. I then watched MOTD 2 last night and I think Jonathan Pearce completely missed the point!

    Suarez is a great number 7, but he isnt a number 9. We need a striker that can put away the chances we created on Saturday. Suarez missed a couple of sitters and Shelvey too. Should have been a lot more comfortable than 1-0.

    Brad Jones made a couple of blinding saves too in the second half.

  6. “This unfair reputation has influenced refereeing decisions in recent games…”

    Suarez’s reputation as a diver is FAIR unfortunately. He does dive. I wish he wouldn’t, but he does. Until he eliminates it completely he will continue to have the reputation.

    1. Suarez unfortunately is a diver, however when he was really fouled,nothing given…that’s what the fans were disappointed with….Rooney is a diver, Ashley Young is a diver, even the “great” C.Ronaldo is a diver(yes..he still dives)and a lot more divers in the league…but why only Suarez gets the attention?It’s because of his skills…remember Kuyt’s hattrick against MU?

  7. Finally, we!(the fans)are getting “the point”, F*ck other clubs and the media driven by Ferguson and his little FA cronies, and their beguiled agendas……We Are One!.
    We as fans collectively at the games have the power to control the tempo of the game(if we feel we’re not pressing enough) and we have the power through chants songs and support, to give our players the belief that they can run through brick walls and take on AND BEAT anyone.
    Doesn’t matter what the media print, the power of suggestion through us, into our players is all that matters, we can turn this current squad of players into something pretty ferocious….We have pace style and accuracy with passing, the only thing thats lacking is a belief among the fans which will give the strikers a feeling the goals a mile wide and every shots gonna go in.
    Spread the word, every chance you can.
    Its no accident that the ” feel good factor ” turns a squad into a well oiled well drilled deft attacking unit.
    Some clubs like Chelsea and City have achieved this through vast financial input into the squad…..And having a manager who will vocally voice his intent to beat all in his way.
    Rafa and kenny were too pragmatic, even in victory.
    Rodgers has a hungry look, hungry to stamp his mark into our illustrious history books, and we as fans can help him get there, along with turning this current squad into the Hansens and Dalglishes of Tomorrow.
    Just have faith, and turn Liverpool into one solid family, against everyone and everything that stands in our way.
    Our next step is 3 points behind Arsenal who lost.
    After that it’s 3 points behind Everton, who drew.
    Then we’ll be 4th place with just under a 3rd of the season played……. giving us a chance when the Jan window co,es about, to snap up Llorente, then the skys the limit.
    YNWA …..Its about time we got No19.

  8. Suarez should also help himself by showing the right sportmanship attitude on the pitch and he should let his skills do d talking he shouldnt concentrate on going down too easily to win freekicks or penalties from Refrees..i like Suarez as a person but i dont like the diving tag on him he needs to reflect on his personal ways and prove his critics wrong

  9. Suarez needs at least two more strikers to take the burden off him, FSG have left us short up front.

  10. I really cant stand jamie kanwar is there kot away we could get his site off of LFC Live he always negative and full of shit. Never even been to the pool

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