Liverpool Is My Religion

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Liverpool Is My Religion

I am a man of 41, married with 3 kids, one of them severely autistic and work in a mundane job in a factory. My dad has recently taken a stroke and resides in care home and my mum doesn’t keep great health either.

I have supported Liverpool since I went to Anfield as a youngster, maybe 10 or 11 years old and had the luxury of supporting Liverpool at a very good time when Liverpool were winning everything in sight. I was born with a silver spoon, an only child, spoiled rotten. But as the years have rolled on and I have got older, my life has changed along with Liverpool’s fortunes. My life has got tougher just like Liverpool.

I am not saying I have the hardest life in the world, far from it, but I do get depressed from time to time, but looking forward to Liverpool’s next match fills me with hope. If Liverpool lose I feel down like any other Liverpool fan, but it doesn’t last for long as there is always another game coming up soon.

The fact that Liverpool has been so important in my life fills me with pride as I know I am one of many thousands who feel the same. I live in Scotland but my heart is in Liverpool taken there by King Kenny who stole my heart with his legendary play.

Just like life, supporting Liverpool has been a rollercoaster with so many successes, like all those European Cups and League titles to the Heysel and Hillsborough disasters. Just like my life with my wonderful marriage and 3 beautiful kids, to the bombshell of knowing my oldest was autistic and my dad taking a stroke.

But Liverpool Football Club is keeping me going through this path we find ourselves on which is life, and I look up to Liverpool as a religion the way church goers go to church on a Sunday for faith.

Liverpool is my faith and although it has been a tough road from ultimate success in the eighties until the present, I relate to Liverpool’s fortunes like my own, but I will always love this club as Liverpool has inspired me and given me hope to continue in my struggle in life for better times, like we all hope Liverpool Football Club will achieve in their quest In reclaiming their throne.

Hope is important in life and without it what is the point in living, and with Liverpool I feel there is tremendous hope for the future and with Stevie G and Luis Suarez and Brendan Rodgers to look up to, life is as Red as


  1. I think every true Liverpool fan is able to connect with you on this… the hope that keeps us going through the difficult times in life is truly YNWA

  2. Moving.. Know how you feel..
    Anything bad in my life & I’ll always forget when Liverpool are playing.. Don’t watch England tho. Makes you want to give up..

  3. How very interesting, Jamie. I am a bit older than you and can recall more of the really good times LFC enjoyed. Best wishes for the future for you and your team.

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