Redmen TV : Swansea v LFC Uncensored Match Build Up Show 2012/13

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Comedian and Impressionist Darren Farley joins the lads in the studio as they look ahead to Sunday’s clash between Swansea City and Liverpool at the Liberty Stadium…
– Have The Reds Progressed Since The League Cup Defeat?
– FORM GUIDE: Swansea
– Dangerman Focus: Michu
– The Cost Of Goals, A Look at the Top Scorers This Season
– Lineup Predictions
– 96 Tattoos of “96” at Royal Ink, Breck Road, Liverpool. Get Involved
– Score Predictions

The Redmen TV is Uncensored LFC Television…


  1. Very amusing and blinkered opinions, Laudrup not improving us!

    I reckon Liverpool need to have their bubble popped a few more times before the truth sinks in.

    Is this a pay per view sitcom, its better than ‘The Office”!-priceless

  2. Very respectful about the Swans and more optimistic of our finishing place (11,12). But did laugh at the comment about piggy backing on Rodgers … who piggy backed on Sousa & Martinez.

  3. Poorly researched load of toss. Typical narrow minded deluded scouse muppets “Swans are stuttering, no improvement since Rodgers left, still following Rodgers plans etc”
    Swans to win 3-1

  4. ‘piggy backing brendas success!’ bollox, that paddy rode on the work martinez did!!! oh, and your two places under us now… 3 0

  5. Watching this is frankly quite embarrassing. Our last clean sheet was against West Ham (25.08.2012), Michu is a player that was scouted by Erik Larsen(Assistant to Laudrup) and Laudrup himself, during last season after leaving RCD Mallorca and the fact you think you can nick him in January for £6m pounds is mind-boggling! For a shit player to go to Liverpool it cost you lot £35m so in your market Michu is probably worth about £50m. Honestly can’t believe that people watch this dross on a weekly basis.

    Yours Sincerely SCFC.

    Hymns & Arias

  6. how can the big fat guy know anything bout football..looking at the size of him hes never played the game….typical scousers livng in the past…yes you were a great team in the 80s but hello its now 2012,and your not..we beat you 3 weeks ago,and we will beat you again today,on and off the pitch u dirty thieving rats bye bye

  7. you are aware that michu is a midfielder aren’t you?

    and i presume you are aware that laudrup managed in spain from where he brought michu,chico, hernandez and de guzman???

    i very much doubt rogers had ever heard of michu til the capital cup

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