Brendan Rodgers, The Key

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By James Giblin

Disappointment is a feeling that every Liverpool fan feels at one time or another. But surely, no one lives in the world of hurt that I do. As a fan I take everything to heart; from losing the title in 2008-09, to losing a throw-in against Everton in the Derby a few weeks ago.

Being born in 1991, I missed out on watching Liverpool winning the league. In fact, since the year of my birth Liverpool have not won the league. In the words of Rafael Benitez, “I’m not playing mind games, I’m just talking about facts”.
Still, something has changed about watching Liverpool recently. Although we sit in a poor position, smack bang in the middle of the league table, I can’t help but feel excited about the future.

Brendan Rodgers is the key to Liverpool F.C’s future success. His footballing ideology is one that has been the key ingredient to all successful football teams. Efficiency. Chelsea won the Champions league on it last year, the Germans are the masters of it and Barcelona eat and breath it.
It is no coincidence that Rodgers ran a tight ship at Swansea. It was no coincidence that Joe Allen and Leon Britton were among the top passers of Europe last season. They were part and parcel of the design that Rodgers put in place at the Liberty Stadium.

Brendan has also been keen to give the youngsters a chance. This has worked wonders so far for Liverpool. Can anyone imagine the position Liverpool would be in without Suso, Sterling and Wisdom? It would more than certainly be lower down the league table.

His prioritisation of the Premier League has been refreshing. For too long we have had managers that find cup competitions as important as the league. For some teams, like Wigan or Stoke, cup competitions are a way of gaining European status (Europa League qualification) which is an excellent way for them to sign better players. For Liverpool, it is a hindrance. We can already sign players at that level through reputation, so focusing on gaining Champions League qualification is paramount to revenue and a better class of player.

Brendan Rodgers is in charge of steering a rocking ship to safety and he is doing it in the correct way. He IS the man for the job.


  1. BR is not the man for the job. We are going nowhere, we are spineless, toothless and completely rudderless. Some blind loyalty will eventually evaporate from other fans.

  2. Where we really in that bad of shape when Rodgers took over that we can now just settle for mid table. Under Rafa we had a great team, average squad. Under Rodgers we have a poor team and no squad. I miss those bursting runs Gerrard used to make to save the game for Liverpool. Under Rodgers those days are over Gerrard’s mot allowed anymore. Gerrard is not the same player anymore, hes not a happy player. We play Downing at Left back and that’s just plain stupid. Arsenal have been playing this lovely football for a long time now and they haven’t won a trophy in 7 years. Barca have Messi to count on when they cant pass their way through teams. Brendon Rodgers is not the man for us a good coach but as a manager i have my doubts. If the Barca way was for us then Frank Rijkaard was the manager we should have hired. Rijkaard and Cruyff started the Barca football we see today. As for Joe Allan being the most consistent passer last year well thats easy when you dont pass the ball to anyone but the center backs. £15 million on him and £11 million on Borini what a waste. When we have Suso and Shelvey just sat on the bench. Suso for me will be a great player just like Sterling and thats Rafa to thank for. Also Rodgers talking about how much our players earn is wrong who cares what Joe Cole earns we just want him on the pitch or ship him out dont tell everyone his wage packet. What happened in the summer transfer window was the mark of an inexperienced manager to let Andy Carroll go and not keep an eye on his replacement was joke of the summer now our strike force is Luis Suarez and with the whole league trying to get him sent off every week the bookings are building up. He is two bookings away from a ban. I love Liverpool football club but when you look how far we have fallen behind its a sad sorry sight. We need at least 8 new players to challenge for top four. We need 2 more strikers, back up wingers for both sides, 2 new left backs, creative midfielder, another center back. That will probably cost about £200 million something our present owners will never spend. They said Kenny spent £100 million on players when he only spent £40 million because he sold Torres and Bable for £60 million. Even Hicks and Gillett gave Rafa more than that.

  3. the key was king kenny and time but no lets sack him our new type fans sack sack and the media and they got what they wanted and he was and is our best living manager with 3 league titles 2 fa cups and a league cup as liverpool manager and lots more as player so thank you new sack sack sack fans and media and them yank owners they havent a clue and yes he spent 115m got 75m back to and bought suarez! true liverpool fans ynwa!

  4. Ridiculous time? What, because a magnificent servant for Liverpool is now managing Chelsea on an interim basis?

    Good luck to the fella!

  5. Liked your post, you are absolutely spot on but my problem with this situation, is the brand of football which BR plays , is a very expensive one, what I’m trying to explain is that we need good players tactically and mentally they have to be just perfect , to hold the ball, pass ,dribble ,move and think. The owners have to back him up and also spend reasonable amount so we can at lease compete for the top four finish,(I am very ashamed of my expectations to say top four, because Liverpool should be the number one team in the country but these days some of our fans are happy when we have positive result against Wigan )style of Barcelona demands good creative players and good cash otherwise this process of building Liverpool FC is going to take time, as the Majority of fans have shown patience but I don’t think a Club big as Liverpool can survive a period longer than what has already taken.
    (Apology for my poor English)

  6. The owners are not going to sack Rogers after reading a few posts from some disgruntled fans, so sit back and enjoy the ride. We have some great youngsters to watch and the most exciting forward in the EPL. The January transfer window should be very interesting. Good luck to Rafa, except when they play us….

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