Villa Stun Reds To Dent Euro Hopes

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By Arun Nair – (@Nair_39)

Liverpool were left shocked after a brace from Christian Benteke and a goal from Andreas Weimann consigned the Reds to a 3-1 defeat at Anfield against Aston Villa, with a late Steven Gerrard header the solitary reply. The home side enjoyed spells of almost total domination, but the youthful opposition were ruthless when afforded the opportunity, whilst Liverpool again lacked cutting edge.

The result served as an unwelcome reminder of the work still to be done before the Reds reach the levels expected by the Anfield faithful after growing levels of both anticipation and optimism that Brendan Rodgers’ side were close to launching an assault on the top four.

After an early scare when Benteke forced a save from Pepe Reina with a header in the opening seconds, Liverpool began to assert heavy dominance, probing for openings.

However, their customary profligacy cost them on several occasions, epitomised when Luis Suarez failed to send Gerrard through, playing the ball behind the captain’s surging run, before the Uruguyan robbed Chris Herd outside the area and layed the ball off only for  Jonjo Shelvey to be denied by Nathan Baker’s timely intervention.

Villa had the most clear cut chance thus far despite the home side’s dominance. Weimann was sent through only to be thwarted by Reina’s sliding tackle, but the Reds failed to heed the warning. Brett Holman found Benteke soon after, and afforded ample time and space the Belgian striker drove a shot off the post and in past Reina’s despairing dive.

Suarez thrashed a shot into the side netting as Liverpool threatened an instant reply, but the opener seemed to leave the home side deflated, whilst giving Villa new found confidence. They almost grabbed a second when Weimann’s lob floated over after he was sent throught by Glen Johnson’s weak header, before the Austrian striker did extend the away side’s lead, combining with Benteke before the latter’s sublime backheel allowed Weimann to sweep home.

The Reds saw a decent penalty shout waved away after Cieran Clark tugged Daniel Agger down in the area, while Rodgers had sent on Joe Cole for Shelvey as he tried to inspire a second half comeback.

Unfortunately, Cole’s first meaningful intervention lead to the away side’s third. The substitute was dispossessed in his own half by Benteke, who was allowed to waltz almost unopposed through the gaping Liverpool defence before firing past Reina.

The third goal left Liverpool visibly shocked and despite comprehensive dominance they seemed devoid of ideas and invention, whilst Villa continued to threaten on the break, forcing several saves from Reina.

The Reds did find a way past Brad Guzan and the Villa defence late on, Gerrard’s header converting Johnson’s attempted shot, but it proved the only consolation in a bitter defeat.


  1. Every single time Liverpool players or manager start harping on about how how up they are gonna finish etc the very next game they choke and lose, EVERY SINGLE TIME! what a bunch of spineless choker pr*cks!.

    And DROP GERRARD hes a liability!!!!!!!!!

  2. Let’s just swallow our pride and get ready to bring back King Kenny in January to steer the Liverpool ship back to course. I don’t see the difference between this team (together with its manager) and that of Roy Hodgson.

  3. Horrible game for sure…If BR didnt see this one coming, he needs to freshen up his approach on how he picks his starting 11. And I agree to an extent with STE, I think the players began to buy into the “were only 4 points off 4th,” so the other teams must fear us! Dont tell me where you are mid-season, SHOW me where you are at the end of the season! As for Stevie G, (and Allen for that matter), they dont need to be dropped to the reserves, they need to be given a game off on occasion to remain fresh. Now weve put the players in a position where they are dropped due to performance, which messes with their confidence, instead of giving them a rest, and having them return full of confidence…YNWA…

    1. James G, even if we begged him, he will not come back to ungrateful fans like you…..even if BR finishes us at the bottom half of the table come end of the season, I hope you will still be cheering him on….

      Think first before you speak….

      Kenny knew what he was doing slowly bringing Raheem into the team and Raheem would have signed the contract right after his birthday as Kenny would have kept him firmly on his feet unlike BR who has played him and made him feel like a star and probably is demanding a huge salary.

      So what Kenny signed Downing and Henderson, for you information, these are the 2 guys who have have played a huge part to keep us in the Europa League….

      Lets see what huge impact BR’s signings has made for us, Joe Allen continue to frustrate us with the way he is playing…Assaidi is not even on the bench most of the time…Borini was hardly scoring any goals for us until he got injured.

      99% possession doesn’t mean that we have 3 points but winning games gives us that..I rather we win ugly than lose blaying beautiful soccer like Arsenal.

      Stop bad mouthing our Kenny who gave us his best until the very end be it for the football club or for the fans. Just read about his deeds during the Hillsborough



  4. I find the notion of bringing back “King Kenny” hilarious.

    Isn’t he the man that signed Henderson, Downing and Carroll for a combined fee of 70M?

    Steering the ship back on course? More like steering it into an iceburg.

    1. James G, the iceburg is right in front of you this season. If Rodgers remains you are going to sink to the Championship. Then you will know who is/was steering the Liverpool ship into an iceburg! But, unfortunately, it will be too late.

      The league table does not lie!

  5. I knew we wouldn’t win because Suarez wasn’t fit enough for the match yet we rely heavily on him I wonder why suarez can’t be instructed and encouraged to be shooting outside the box he always wants to dibble spectacularly and ends up giving the ball away..Joe Allen isn’t as good as Brendan praises him he gives the ball away cheaply and can’t unlock defences I would prefer Henderson being given a good run of games Lucas wasn’t fit for the match..I think the most inconsistent unreliable player is Joe Cole he plays good this match and the next match he cost us he cost us the third goal just like he cost us against Swansea in the capital one tournament and against West brom in the match league match Joe cole must be moved on asap

    1. Brai, you are just being too harsh on Joe Cole. What about the first and second? Are you saying JC caused those goals whilst on the bench also? Mistakes are part and parcel of the game. Even Barca is dispossessed a countless times. But it is the ability of the other players to recover and recover quickly that makes the difference. Watched last night’s game of Barca vs At. Madrid? Messi fumbled and gave the ball away for the At. Madrid’s goal. But we honestly cannot blame it on Messi alone. The entire defense link-up was in shambles thereby leading to the goal.

      In short let’s not hammer our players for one mistake; mistakes are part of the game. Joe Cole is no different.

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