Redmen TV : Liverpool 1-3 Aston Villa: Benteke Strikes Bury The Reds (Uncensored Match Reaction Show)

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Saturday afternoon saw Brendan Rodger’s Liverpool capitulate 1-3 to Paul Lamberts struggling Aston Villa side at Anfield. The Reds trailed 0-2 at half time thanks to goals from Benteke and Weimann and it was the former who added a third early in the second half. Despite their possession and chance domination Liverpool could only claw back a late consolation goal through Steven Gerrard. Post match, The Redmen TV bring you uncensored analysis and the reactions of LFC fans worldwide…

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  1. Although you had a lot of the ball in the first 30 mins there was never any real threat on our goal. Once we settled into the game your guys were never able to compete with the movement, pace and strength of our midfield and attack. 2nd goal has to be a real contender for goal of the season.,
    On another note….. Where is the Anfield roar these days? Even before we scored we were miles louder and frequent in our songs and chants. Just like a library?

  2. Spineless chokers and serial letdown merchants!, they outdid themselves yesterday losing to that pile of garbage, should have been at least 2 goals up before villa countered and with some freak finishing won the lottery.

    And it will repeat itself again, a draw or narrow win in the next game, followed by a draw, in about 6 games that moron Rodgers or an atrocious gerrard will be harping on about how high up they will finish and then bang in the very next game will choke again and lose, making some other dross team look world class what an embarressement and a disgrace!.

    As for the mighty villa, thats one for their DVD collection, they can watch that to their hearts content when Lambert gets them relegated.

  3. ste,another knob,mighty liverpool,living in the past,with your great liverpool and 60 yrs of history joker.UTV

  4. Well that’s the first of the four ” winnable ” games out of the way lets make sure we win the other three , and we will have a lot better chance of winning them with a proper footballer in the middle of the park instead of Lucas , he does nothing positive , adds nothing to the team , he is a liability .

  5. You sound very upset that villa beat you Ste relax and accept that you aren’t what you were Suarez can’t do it on his own Gerrard is getting worse every year Allen for £15m is just funny then again it must really hurt 2 be beaten by a ‘pile of garbage ‘ cheer up its nearly Xmas

  6. What a spiteful comment Ste.

    I do share your hurt though. Liverpool are the most up and down team in the league. The manager hasn’t got the balls to drop Gerrard or Reina.

    How Downing was MOTM is beyond me. Am I watching the same team as everyone else?

    In reality, Liverpool have no real quality to do the job up front. Suarez is a false nine, not a real striker. To play a false nine, a team has to have excellence in possession, coupled with an instinct to strike when the opposition switch off. Liverpool quite simply have none of the latter.

    We scored a lucky goal with a more direct approach towards the end. This is by no means a lesser form of football than tiki-taka. Chelsea won the Champions League doing it.

    I feared for a while about Liverpool buying a striker who plays in that fashion. I now pray for it.

  7. Oh and FYI:

    Villa were magnificent. They were tactically immense and Benteke was flawless in his approach. He holds the ball up very well. This would accommodate Bent right down to the ground. Pity Lambert hasn’t worked that out yet.

  8. Liverpool’s main problem is that Rodgers is good manager but he will always be out manoeuvred by people like Lambert – he is simply not tactically smart enough.

  9. Rodgers was never the right man for the job, one season in the prem with Swansea is hardly much of a CV. FSG wanted this so it buys them more time with the usual excuses like ‘he needs time’ or hes ‘making progress’. These owners are no different to the Venkys, clueless about football and a major embarassment.

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