Analysing January Transfer – Bringing Reds some hope

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The January Transfer Window has been knocking around and everyone has lots of hope attached within. Let’s have a look in the Rumors and analyse what situations could be.

With Rodgers already warned not to expect much in January window, it looks like the club will eye minor improvements rather than drastic change.

Reports says that Rodgers have nothing more than £20 million to spend this January. From this amount we can expect some improvement in recent squad which will be enough to keep our hopes alive for Champions league spot.

Liverpool will strengthen the under-manned forward line in the January Transfer window. With Fabio Borini currently injured, Suarez has had to move into a main striker position and has responded with 10 league goals, so perhaps it’s the wings that need a bit more  improvement. With Raheem Sterling showing some precious performance, Rodgers might be interested someone supportive. Belgian winger Dries Mertens would be a perfect one for the job as has already linked Rodger’s interest on 25 years old winger as he perfectly matches Rodgers’ ability to spend this window. Available at an amount in around £10 M , Rodgers might take serious considerations onto PSV Eindhoven winger.

The other names linked up are Daniel Sturridge and Thomas Ince. Sturridge who is tagged £12 M can assist Suarez up front while Ince for £6 M can help Liverpool at the flank. Additionally guardian has reported Barcelona striker David Villa’s frustration at Barcelona can aid Liverpool as Villa expects Premier League Switch.

Although having worst League Start in last 85 years, Liverpool made good comeback which kept their hope for the top 4 position alive but their recent 3-1 loss to Aston Villa reminds that Rodger’s squad lacks some serious mend. This might make Rodgers concentrate in the quality signing as he hints backing up talent rather than class at Anfield.

Author Description : Dipendra Pokharel. Founder and Writer at Football News in Nepal


  1. David villa for sure. He’s been banging them in the net all his career. Intelligent forward. We need goals and crestivity and composure and he has these attributes. Christian Tello is great also. Even on loan as he has just signed a new deal at barca. Need to come up with something or we will be bottom half at end of season. Simple as that.

  2. Reading sacked him after 6 months, didnt take them long to see the light, now guess what idiots will take much much longer??? doing untold damage to the club, putting it back years!!!, yes you guessed it!

  3. Re: jason Emsley says:
    December 18, 2012 at 9:55 pm
    Are you a Liverpool fan?? Obviously not, a proper Liverpool fan would have patience get a grip!

    I am a Liverpool fan who doesn’t have his head in the sand, who is a realist and who refuses to put up with mediocrity any longer and it’s time the silent majority had their voices heard as opposed to the vocal minority of nodding donkeys.

    1. Ste.

      I totaly agree with you whats going on at Liverpool is a joke. We Will end up in nation wide if this does not change.

    2. You? A Liverpool fan? A realist?

      A Liverpool fan, especially a realist would stand by FSG and Rodgers now. FSG relieved our club from a buttload of debt and is doing a much better job than our previous owners.

      While BR isn’t doing very well at the moment, tell me, which manager would like to manage our club now?

      So, you can’t stand mediocrity any longer? Face it, this Liverpool team is mediocre, and nothing drastic is going to change any time soon. Are you going to stop supporting Liverpool now?

      Most Liverpool fans aren’t nodding donkeys. They are loyal fans who keeps their support up in bad times. No superstar player is willing to come Liverpool at the moment, thus, we are putting our trust in the younger players rising up. Rodgers is doing a decent job with the young ones.

      So, be a realist. Understand the situation we are in. Stop harping for impossibles such as ‘FSG out!’ or ‘Rodgers out’. Would you like to see us without and owner and manager for the rest of the league?

  4. Maybe after a 0-0 or some score draw against the mighty fulham on saturday, and after we lose at stoke and QPR more people will wake up eh?.

  5. As a Liverpool fan I think that in January we should go out and buy someone who has already proved his worth such as hunterlaar would be a cheap signing… In the past Liverpool have brought to much potential Carroll, Henderson, downing, yeşil, borini, Allen with only bringing in Suarez hu has proved it on the big stage…. So in January instead of buying potential players you need to add some experience

  6. This ste guy needs to go follow chelski as here Rodgers is trying to build a side & plastic ste is calling for head of manager even before he has chance to strengthen side in January,we are playing good football with a thin squad,as owners wanted some big wages off our books & Rodgers can build now with a scouting system in place,so lets see if he can buy a striking pair to help Suarez finish our good moves,lets wait until this time next season I.e another window to see how he does with strength in depth,he may just be the right young manager given the chance

  7. I think the biggest problem is the manager 7 not that the squad lack epth. Just look at Norwich, WBA & West Ham. They do no have big name in their squad & they are above LFC in the table. A good manager is someone who can get the best out from the squad & not one who moans abot the squad not being good enough. It is only the manager that is not good enough.

  8. Just bcoz we as fans critise the club/managers decisions don’t make us bad/fair weather fans i think some of these so called fans need to get their head out of their a$$ and see the reality.
    I am not a Rodgers fans but i am willing to put up with his crap though he is sending back to the dark ages. He talks tiki taka without actually grasping what it means, he bitches abt the team he inherited but has made it worse than last year. And worst of all he talks thru his ass n make us the laughing stock amonst our peers. fact.

  9. Yes Reading sacked him and Swansea din’t. And if you look at the EPL table then you can see the difference between the two. 75% of the Swansea team is made up of Rodgers players. If you expect a new manager who has inherited a mid table team to win the PL then you are deluded. We can judge Rodgers only in 2 years. Till then we have to support him. If Rodgers had half the money Comolli and Dalglish spent on crap then he would build a much better squad. Borini was a nominee for the best U-21 player in Italy and Allen is a very good recycler of the ball. Both are in early 20s hence still lotta potential! Certain fans here should go and support rent boys. Such glory hunting twats are not needed at lfc!

  10. Rodgers is an idiot manager.Tired of his lame duck excuses when we lose.How long before you johnny come latelys smell the coffee?I want out Liverpool back.Rogers is not fit enough to lace the boots of past managers.We are a laughing stock now

  11. The Rodgers fans need to ask themselves, were they as loyal to Hodgson after half a season? I doubt it. Its a results industry and results have been terrible under Rodgers. I wouldnt get rid right now as there is nobody out there who can come in at this stage. In the summer it will be different. I think of Rodgers as interim manager till this summer and unless he wins FA or Europa cup then he will probably go.

  12. Some fickle comments. Bottom line is LFC is where it is NOT because of Brendan. He’s done some good things and some poor things in his short time with the reds. Like him or not though BR needs something the managers since Rafa haven’t had much of…TIME. I’m just as fed up as any fed up LFC fan. But to put blame on BR/FSG right now is madness-especially after where we have been. We were 4 points off a champs league spot before the last kick off. It’s a tight league, which, overall, has shown the reds progress this season-albeit slowly. A run of form can change a lot-quickly-and I don’t see why LFC can’t have a run soon. There is no magic wand. There isn’t plans b and c etc that will make us champs with a new manager straight away. Ultimately, the signings in January/ next summer, and the progress of the group (as the man says himself!), will define LFC’s/ BR’s success in the near future. LFC/BR have my support! ***** form is temporary, class is permanent.

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