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Steven Gerrard has been Liverpool captain for many years and will no doubt continue to be an excellent skipper until he finally hangs up his boots and takes his place on the Kop. This piece isn’t with the intention of removing him immediately or even in the next couple of years but to look at other potential leaders within the current squad. I’ve drawn up a list of 5 and would be interested to see what you guys and girls think too.

Daniel Agger

Dainel Agger, first and foremost an excellent defender, for me he’s up there with the likes of Kompany and Vidic when it comes to the Premier Leagues elite performers at centre back. He is currently enjoying his 7th season in the red of Liverpool and provided he can stay fit is a constant for Liverpool, an integral part of our strongest starting 11. Currently he takes the Danish captains armband following in the footsteps of Danish greats; Peter Schmeichel and Michael Laudrup. He put in some excellent performances during the recent European Championships, most notably a Man Of The Match performance against the Dutch. At 28, he’s coming into the prime of his playing career and has shown great loyalty to Liverpool when other offers have most certainly been tempting. His ability to read the game and lead from the back remind me of a former Scandinavian skipper that patrolled the back line in the most professional of manners at Anfield. He’s a great role model for youth players because of the standards he sets, and lets face it, ruddy cool and I almost forgot to mention that he has a great taste in tattoos!

Pepe Reina

Currently Pepe has been taking stick from certain sections of the LFC family. He’s had to watch all of his Spanish amigos move on since the Rafa revolution, his loyalty much like Aggers has been tested with bids from rival clubs from England and a far. Taking all of that into account he’s still here, he enjoys playing for Liverpool and he’ll know better than anyone that he can do even better. Under Brendan Rodgers, Reina has been able to show off his ability on the deck, he’s not just a goalkeeper that posses great reflexes but his distribution and calmness in possession is taken for granted by many fans I feel. I can’t name many other goalkeepers in the league, in fact the world that look as comfortable has him when receiving a back-pass.  Pepe is currently 3rd vice in the skipper stakes, Rodgers said of him not long after he joined the club, “He is a great man and has been a wonderful player for me in this short period of time, on and off the field”. The boss likes him, which although it seems obvious, is vital for a goalkeeper. Rumours have you believe that Reina may be leaving Merseyside, for me, I just can’t see it. For now at least, he’s our No.1.

Lucas Leiva

Who’d have thought 4 years ago this man would be in contention to become the next captain of Liverpool Football Club. Sadly for Lucas recent injuries have put is career on hold, not only with Liverpool but also with his national side Brazil, a side that in 2011 he was putting his mark onto with some great performances. He controls our midfield superbly on his day and has an underrated passing range that he know doubt picked up in part from Xabi Alonso. Although different to Xabi in many way his ability to protect the defence and stop attacks before they start in an effort to set up our own shouldn’t be scoffed at. A thinker, someone that sees danger before others, he’s a reliable rock that players around him look to when their backs are up against it.  His credentials? A former captain of the Brazilian U20 squad which won the South American Youth Championship and  Brazil have a tradition of winning that let me tell you. He shows leadership on and off the field and from what I read is extremely well liked around the club. To use a Rodgersism, he has the quality to lead, Steven Gerrard has made the point that the best way to be a captain is to lead by example, I think Lucas has taken this on board, he has got his head down and worked his way to where he is now single handedly. He’s a credit to the club.

Luis Suarez

A controversial character but don’t for a second let that disguise the fact that at 22 he was named club captain of Ajax, and is been touted by Uruguayan journalists as the natural successor of Diego Lugano has the national team captain. He clearly has shown the characteristics to be a leader, for Suarez it may be that it’s his desire and determination along with a never quit attitude which is the example he commands from his team mates. His on field antics haven’t exactly made him the most popular player with your generic football fan, but no matter how they feel personally about the player the one thing you hear from even the most anti Liverpool/Suarez fan is that his quality isn’t matched by many in the world game. Some managers are firmly of the belief that your captain should be your best player, while that may be an outdated way of thinking, he’s the one others look up to. Suarez is certainly Liverpool’s talisman at the moment and in the current state I don’t see many coming in that will better his performance levels.

Jordan Henderson

Wait, stop, think before you scroll down to the comments section or twitter to tell me how stupid I’m being. When appointing a captain you look for four key traits; leadership, motivation, work ethic, application. Consider Jordan Henderson the wildcard of the piece, England U21’s captain, and a good one at that. However bad you think he might be, he was twice voted Sunderland’s Young Player of the Year, as well as been voted OUR Young Player of the Year last term. I understand some fans won’t ever be convinced by him, ‘a waste of money’, ‘offers nothing’ etc etc. That’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. Motivation for me doesn’t only cover geeing up the people around you but self motivation is equally as important. In his early twenties Henderson has taken stick from all four sides of the ground he calls home, he’s never moaned, he’s not publicly disagreed with the management, he’s said he’ll work hard to prove people wrong. THAT is the attitude I want from not just a captain but ANY player that dons the Liverbird upon their chest. Lets not put Henderson at the front of the queue but in 3/4 years time, he’s certainly our ‘wildcard’ option.

So there are some of the contenders, who do you think should follow Captain Fantastic?

My choice: Providing he’s still at the club and our ambitions continue to match his, Luis Suarez.

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Ben Carr


  1. Poor. None of those guys are suitable as a club captain. Pretty sure none of them will be. Think it shows a lack of leadership among the current players.

  2. I agree with Lucas and Agger but what about Joe Allen he hasnt been there long but once gerrard leaves Allen is gunna take his place and I think he could have the arm band for a very long time

  3. Al Davies
    Dec 21 – 8:18 pm
    Poor. None of those guys are suitable as a club captain. Pretty sure none of them will be. Think it shows a lack of leadership among the current players. It’s a shame but if Suarez is one of the contenders then we’re struggling in that department.

  4. Agger by a mile, have you seen his home? all the furniture is red and most of his house is painted red, he’s got LFC in his heart hes one of us YNWA

  5. Al Davies you’re no Liverpool fan GTFO bitch. You know nothing you piece of trash. suck my balls motherfucker

  6. I don’t feel it is advisable to give a striker, the captain role, though the case may not apply for all club, but because of Suarez nature and inconstitency- two sided luis suarez, not all liverpool fan will go with the idea.

    Agger is good, Reina is good, but age is catching up with him, lucas and henderson are also good, after all henderson has been doing that for england under 21, Ager&skrtel for their country respectively.

  7. Henderson seems to be the most logical choice on that list, if the fans can be patient for him to develop over the next couple of years. How do you go to being U21 England captain to an unwanted commodity in the same season? Honestly, I see both sides. I watched a couple of U21 games and Henderson looked as natural as could be as a leader. He totally looked like a Gerrard in training. Plop him in a Liverpool kit and he seems lost. Is it a confidence issue? Not being used properly? Playing out of position? I would hate to see Henderson leave and then have him snap out of whatever is going on and become the star he is supposed to be…for another team.

  8. AGGER! There’s no doubt in that. He’s a loyal RED, he’s been here for a long time, he’s one of the world’s best center backs, he has that warrior character. Plus, he’s a great leader for his country and loves the club.

  9. IUnderstand ur choices but I’d give it shelvey before Henderson or Suarez. Suarez will be heading towards where Stevie is now, (if the fa dont ban him for life. ) henderson works hard so vice cap, agger injury problems, but Lucas could and probs most likely to be.

  10. By the time Gerrard goes, agger will be getting on as well. I can see shelvey showing the spirit a captain needs, to shout at other players and get them going. In the short term depending on when stevie goes the obvious choices are agger or reina but I’d like to see Kelly back from injury and keep the armband on a local.

  11. I think Agger and Lucas both fit the bill in the event of captain fantastic hanging up his boot,they both possess the qualities of a good captain,loyalty,determination,committment and of exceptional characters on and off the field,and for Jordan Henderson i concur absolutely,as a matter of fact,this lad has got more to offer LFC in future than what we are getting now,he’s a bundle of potentials,and of course our future captain.

  12. Oh come on Al Davies is have to be kidding. Either you are ignorant or not a Liverpool supporter. Good question to ask and a good list. For me either Agger or Reina. Reina can play until he is 36 thus not a bad choice but with possibly Butland coming in I reckon LFC will try and cash in on Reina while he has some currency in the next 1-2 years

  13. Protects the defence ? Are you having a laugh ? What about the 5 goals conceded while he was on the pitch in the last 2 games , as I said the mind boggles

  14. I’d have to go with Agger. Gritty, loyal, a defender with vision. Have goals been conceded this year? Yep. And having tubby Pepe between the posts isn’t helping. I appreciated Reina’s loyalty, but if he wasn’t super agile before, the weight gain and regular mental mistakes don’t help. There’s a reason that he’s the third-choice keeper for Spain. Suarez is talented, but too chaotic to be a leader. Lucas has potential down the line. Henderson, I just don’t see it.

  15. haha dont make me laugh i know you said “Wait, stop, think before you scroll down to the comments section or twitter to tell me how stupid I’m being” BUT still honestly Henderson???????????? of all the players in the team to choose as potential captains and you mention Henderson.. even shelvey woulda been a better choice, you said you look for leadership on the pitch while henderson on the pitch is nothing like a leader
    personaly out of those list i think i like Lucas as capatin.. but maybe it should go to DAgger.. i dont fancy goalkeepers as captains

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