Welcome to Liverpool, Daniel Sturridge

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Reports are that Daniel Sturridge has passed his medical and is expected to sign for Liverpool in the next 24 hours. The transfer will not come into affect however until next week (on Jan 1st).


  1. Sturige cannot save our striking situation, we still need a sharp hungry striker like Demba Ba, fernando Ilioente, Cardozo, De jong, Casano, & Gomes

    1. De Jong, are you serious, no thank you please. Outside of proven striker like Cavani, Sturridge will do the job.

  2. Great to see a goal hungry Englishman as a potential addition. I can see Sturidge being a great addition into a forward line which is lacking in aggression. With a few more clever transfer market inquiries, Liverpool should be back on track for a top 4 finish. YNWA!!!!!

    1. kafsha should look at supporting another team in another league, thats not an english team, you should walk alone!

  3. out
    spearing 3
    carroll 18
    henderson 14
    downing 10
    enrique 8
    reina 12
    pacheco 4
    shelvey 6
    borini 6
    oussaidi 4

    ter stegen 12
    amorebieta 15
    clarl 10
    eriksen 25
    mertens 12
    jovetic 30
    cavani 35

    ———-ter stegen———–

    1. Your having a laugh at those prices! Why would Rogers buy Borini and Assiadi just to sell them on so soon. Also Pacheco although I highly rate the boy would never sell for that much right now with contract nearing an end and clearly not rated by our current management. Although clearly a better player or at least more in form one were not about to spending another 35 mil on a tall striker with flowing locks so soon your living in a dream world. Back on subject I’m quite happy with the signing of Sturridge if it true, I think he might just surprise a few of us.

  4. Welcome welcome welcome…sturridge u’re right wr u belong…we nid abt 3 more additions-LLORENTE/CARDOZO/BA dennn a winger

  5. hope he will do well. but liverpool still need strikers like david villa,
    cavani,lewandowsky,llorente.if possible 2 of them .
    + walcot. need world class players

  6. I hope Sturidge does well,hes a pacey forward n sometimes thats what we need. Can someone tell me the name of the track on the video please?

  7. This aint fantasy football Kafsha i know its nice to wish but were stuck with Allen Shelvy Borini. We are not a top side no more and not going to be for sometime now but sturigde and ince is what were lacking pace.

  8. At leaset his pace,trickery and flair would help our forward line besides he’s better off Borini scoring wise i really cant wait till he is officially unveiled

  9. It’s nice to see we actually got something done season, I don’t rate him highly but lets hope he surprises me. I think he’s got great potential and pace which we lack. It will be nice to see Tom Ince to be a LFC player once again, also get rid of Downing although he played well against Fulham and buy a LB and get Jose Enrique further forward.



  10. i know sturidge has been poor recently,but i believe in b.r. Look at the flops of the past-downing,joe cole,jammie,most expecially enrique as they’ve sponteneously upped their games.so i’m looking forward to seeing a very deadly,threatening and hungry sturidge, given his abilities .but i hope our style changes his selfish nature on the ball.ywnwa

  11. Butland johnson skrtel agger enrique gerrad allen lucas sturridge suarez t. Ince subs jones wisdom coates caragr downing henderson shelvy sahin suso borini assaidi

  12. A class addition to our squad. A proven goalscorer yet to hit his prime. Well done BR and FSG. A tough first half of the season for us, and I’m confidant, with Sturidge and Suarez, we have a realistic chance of a better 2nd half, and a real shot at 4th spot or better.

  13. U re welcm dani, hop u wil surpric d kopies wit great goals nd assist, but BR we stil need 1 more stricker.

  14. For 12m, seems a good buy. This boy is hungry. He at least has pace which we don’t as Suarez isn’t that type of player. He can pass defenders and has a nick to shoot when available (something he does too much as Chelsea fans would complain).

    I think we have to reliaze that we are no longer a top 4 in BPL. Not many European players will join us like Cavani or Hunterlaar. Our policy should be young, promising, talented and can improve the team considerably – also not forgetting value for money. I think Sturridge fits this category.

  15. We need players that are not english plain and simple we want world class signing. Sack Ian ayre he is the wone signing these bargin basment signing or no signing and the american owners are not doing what the promised was buy the best young players around the world. they did not give us 100mil we sold torres 50mil.
    we need cavanni Goltz damiao we now need to buy top midfield to replace steven gerrard he is not getting younger he will quit in next 2-3 years.
    We need back up for lucas.
    central defence jamie will go .
    And wide players

  16. Happy we are getting Sturridge, we can’t pick any players we want now and the fact we got him who is potentially a quality goalscorer is a good bit of business for BR. Not sure about Ince tho, would like Theo but don’t think we will…

  17. sturridge will be an welcome addition to our squad young english and very talented, dont forget about the policy coming in soon about having so many english players in squad. So he is building well with a very low budget, pacheco, suso and morgan need more experience so sending them out on loan wouldnt be a bad thing. We just need another striker a proven goalscorer in the premier league and we would get him at the right price as well is darren bent. He would teach adam morgan a few things as well also his English. Henderson, downing, enrique are good squad players who are all english as well. As enrique has been in the country long enough now so his got an English passport.

  18. butland/reina johhnson skrtel agger enrique lucas gerrard allen/shelvey sterling suarez sturridge. Now that wouldnt be bad with reina/butland bent suso downing henderson coates carrager allen/shelvey. that teams worth top 4! just need butland ince sturridge and bent could get that lot for 30million sell joe cole, assaidi, carroll and doni to raise some funds.

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