Honeymoon Over For Rodgers

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Honeymoon Over For Rodgers

Liverpool lost again on Boxing Day for their 6th league defeat of the season. It has been a very inconsistent season for the Reds, but everyone connected with the Anfield club realise that this is a season of transition, with a new young manager at the helm.

Brendan Rodgers has been given the backing from the supporters and the owners, which is important, and his passing style of play has impressed the supporters along with his introduction of many young players into the first team. Brendan Rodgers is also media friendly, as his post-match interviews have proved, along with his starring role in the behind the scenes documentary “Being Liverpool”. Rodgers’ relationship with the media has been very encouraging after previous manager, Kenny Dalglish’s frosty and awkward relationship with the media.

But for the first time since Rodgers took over in the summer, there has been some grumblings of unrest from the Anfield faithful, probably, triggered by the way Liverpool lost to Stoke the other night and not just by the defeat itself. It looked like a re-run of the Aston Villa defeat, not so long ago, apart from the fact that Liverpool never led in the Villa match. In both matches Liverpool’s defence looked vulnerable and a lack of creation in the final third never caused the opposition defenders too much trouble. But the lack of passion and commitment to get back into these matches caused the biggest concern. Gerrard and Suarez looked like the only two players willing to give their all for the club in the face of defeat and that is what is not good enough for Liverpool supporters.

Liverpool lost many experienced players in the summer who did a good job for the club over the years, and when you look at who Rodgers has brought in to improve the team, well, I’m not sure they are better, Assaidi, Yesil and Sahin can’t get a game, ok Borini has been unfortunate with injury, but in his short spell he has only contributed one goal and struggled with the pace of the Premiership. Even big money signing Joe Allen is struggling to get a game recently since Lucas returned from injury. So his transfer record is not impressing so far, and hopefully he can change that in January.

Brendan Rodgers has tried to implement a “Barcelona” style into his Liverpool side, but although Liverpool have played good football many times throughout the season, he doesn’t have the players “Barcelona” have and in defence especially his style doesn’t work. I don’t know how many times this season Liverpool have lost goals from trying to pass in their defensive third. Against Stoke it was getting embarrassing as Stoke hustled Liverpool into mistake after mistake. Liverpool’s defenders are not comfortable enough in possession to play this way and the sooner Rodgers realises the better for Liverpool. Recent stats have shown that Liverpool pass mostly in their defensive third, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Reina gets the most touches with all the back passes he receives. I’m not saying Liverpool should play long ball tactics but you have to be versatile and be able to play different styles, depending on who you are playing against and if the preferred style is not working then be willing to change.

Patience has been granted to Rodgers throughout this inconsistent first season, but football is a results driven business and he must find that consistency or face being under pressure from the supporters, but more importantly from the trigger happy American owners.

I don’t think there is a need to panic yet and I think Brendan Rodgers should get at least this whole season, hopefully longer to prove himself. But he has to show the supporters and the owners that the club is progressing in the right direction and for the first time many Liverpool supporters are wondering if that is happening.


  1. this guy is a scape goat for Dagalish this poor fella is working with shit players and as no chance of seeing out is contract. You send a work man to do a job with shit tools you will get a shit job done ………………………

  2. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Period. I find it funny people bailing out on BR despite us waiting for 20 odd years for our league title. The problems in need of resolution are surely far more than the time accorded Rodgers in charge. He needs time as that gum chewer got.

  3. Sack the clueless fool in the summer and bring Rafa back!!!!!, then concentrate on getting rid of those other clueless morons FSG!!!!!.

    1. You say get rid of FSG and replace them with who? Venkies? In case you hadn’t noticed the world is in financial meltdown. Everton have been trying to find buyers and you could get them for the price of an evening in the company of Rooney’s prostitute.

  4. Lizard,

    Dalglish came 8th and got to two cup finals with all his “shit” players. Let’s see if Rodgers can make any cup final and come 8th.

    He is being found to be out of his depth and that is the reality. With trips to OT, Emirates and Ettihad still to come, things are going to get worse.

    1. Dalglish had Kuyt Bellamy Maxi and Andy Caroll suarez they all played a big part in taking us to the two cup finals. What as Br got luis suarez and shelvy and sterling, suso its a joke i know who i would rather have FSG made BR trim the wage bill and was left with kids who are to young to get the job done

    2. Good point, Alan. Wait until we are beaten by Mansfield Town on 6 Jan 2013 in the FA cup then the other LFC side (the LFC fans who do not want to see the light) will start believing you.

  5. I disagree. All of us thought dalglish would still be the manager. We got to 2 finals and finished at an honest 8th place. We can’t expect to be challenging if we dont have a 20m plus player in each position. Gerrard and carragher have scouse blood in them so was surprised he let spearing on loan. I have a feeling though sturridge and whoever else we sign will get us a top 6 finish. In Brendan we trust.

  6. more concerned with the owners. have we got a Randy lerner on our hands.As for the players apparently coming in january, just not good enough. seems rodgers only wants players from clubs he’s mainly been at, well thats a very small pool to fish from. we are just getting further and further from the top teams, and the ones around us are making vast improvement. just look at Everton! heartbreaking!

  7. To me the problem in not BR, i mean, last year after sacking KD we got the opportunity to bring back a top manager, who has won in every league he menaged, who is respected and considered one of the best managers around, who loves liverpool and knows lfc, lfc players better than anyone else right now…and we still didn’t bring him back, hope this’ll happen next summer, nothing versus BR but today if you want a top team, you need a great manager first, BR could become one of those or not, no one can say this but top managers like benitez are really few in the world, he knows how to win and create a big team bringing right and great players…so, to me, right now he’s simply the best solution.

  8. Lizard must be a Manc of Blue Nose that’s all I can say.

    Lets look at some Facts as a famous manager might say.

    BR got sacked from 2 previous jobs, did a reasonable job with Swansea, but has won jack *hit as a manager.

    He’s never played in Europe never mind managed there.

    He got rid of experienced internationals & bought garbage.

    What did he say before the Borini sigining “This will be the one that will really get the fans excited”

    Enough said.

    We have world class players coached by staff who played in the 2nd & 3rd division. What does that tell you.?

    Does anyboy even know their names by the way.?

    How a club like ours can have been haned to an inexperienced coach like BR beggars belief.

    Got rif of 1 set of yanks who knew nothing about football & ended up with another load of cowboys.

    It hurts me to say, but we’re finished for years now, if we ever make it back to the top

  9. I really really want BR to succeed, unfortunately, he is just a kid learning his trade namely Premier League Managership, therefore he was a massive risk! FSG probably with Ian Ayre advice decided on that route – frankly I believe they are wrong, wrong, wrong!!! The only safe route to get us back challenging was to re-employ Benitez – a proven winner, who knew the club inside out. Under Benitez for a couple of years, we were the top rated side in Europe. He had one bad season where we finished 7th and they sacked him or should I say Purslow or Broughton sacked him, one a f*cking retard who then employed Hodgson another f*cking retard and Broughton, a Chelsea fan, who now employ both Benitez and Torres!!! Benitez was blamed for taking his eye off the ball and trying to fight behind the scenes games with H&G. No wonder we finished 7th but who could blame him he was ordered to make a profit on transfer dealings to service the debt we were lumbered with by H&G. The press wanted him out because they knew he was the man to take Liverpool to the top and we all know they favour United and the London Clubs! Notice how they have sympathy for him at Chelsea because of the stick he is receiving from those plastic and ignorant Chelsea fans!! We have to stick with Brendan and hopes he learns fast and save our season in someway. However, LFC could have saved themselves a lot of sh*t simply by re-employing Benitez before Hodgson darkened our doorstep. The last 3 years should have got Liverpool back to the top instead it has just been wasted on bad managerial decisions by American owners who frankly don’t know their arse from their elbow.

  10. Everton are now the club we once thought we were!
    They are reaping the rewards of a club run on patience!

    We have played 19 games, having to deal with bad buys from the previous 2 regimes, play young players in senior roles, an ownership that’s still to show itself financially and a now a support which is at least 50% lacking in knowledge!

    Another manager gets the same amount of finance and support Rodgers is getting so I can’t see how another manager would do any better!

    We have a squad that needs an overhaul and there’s no quick fix! At the beginning of the season to a man we all had no expectations and were happy with our lot. We had a a realisation that there would be no Champions League for at least 1 season after this season. However as soon as we get to within 5 points of the 4th spot the quick fix brigade pops-up!

    My concern is with the ownership! We can’t compete with Chelski, Citeh or ManU so for now their plan seems feasible. However at some point they’re going to have to invest large amounts for that last big push for the top (summer transfer window?). If that’s not forthcoming then we’ll all know who the real villains of the piece are!

  11. Massive holes in the authors article!

    1st paragraph;
    Brendan Rodgers has been given the backing from the supporters and the owners?
    Suporters…yes Owners…no

    4th paragraph;
    Liverpool lost many experienced players in the summer who did a good job for the club over the years, and when you look at who Rodgers has brought in to improve the team, well, I’m not sure they are better, Assaidi, Yesil and Sahin can’t get a game, ok Borini has been unfortunate with injury, but in his short spell he has only contributed one goal and struggled with the pace of the Premiership.

    Dalgish’s poor management left the cupboard bare! All the experience and the few goals we had wanted out rather than play under him for another season! Couple that the plan to cut the wage bill, small transfer budget and the reluctance to buy players over 26!!! What do you expect? For you Rafa lovers out there do you honestly think Rafa would work under those conditions…lol Take the F out of chance!

    Like the way you ended the article but why scaremonger?

  12. well said Stevie G (Walton),i have said it severally this man BR is a good manager but not for Liverpool,just like Hodgson the team is bigger than him,you can see in him whenever we are under pressure he does not know what to do again,and what i see about his game plan and tactics is too cowardly and static,we are not football coaches but we watch at least week in week out if not everyday,his buys are so poor you will ask yourself are these players Liverpool players when they play,right from the beginning of the season i came to realize he inexperienced just imagine the manner he handled Carol and Dempsey`s transfer,people would say he was not to be blamed because he is not football director forgotten he is the manager that can say no to any player he does not want to go or come in,he wouldn`t have allowed to go without having Dempsey in his kitty even now he is too stubborn to admit his mistake and make amen while we can still make some correction by bringing back Carol if not for anything but for plan B for matches like Newcastel,Everton,Stoke,Aston Villa who are physically strong,but we can only hope and pray for all this wishes to come to pass because the so called FSG has a different view of the whole issue not considering the feelings of the great Kop fans and LFC worldwide,i wonder why they made fool of themselves by not appointing Rafa Benitez in the first place,the only proven and high profile available Master tactician who knows LFC in and out,my dear fans i sympathies with you all we still have some years to endure because i can`t see FSG taking any drastic decision against their employee Brendan R and my regards to Kanwal Jamie,YNWA

  13. Getting rid of Rafa was a bad move and it still is. Sorry but I’m getting bored of this passing rubbish. Our team should be good enough to handle Aston Villa and Stoke or am I missing something?

  14. i don’t know kinzo…you may be right, but they’re american owners, so results are absolutely a must for them, this is it in all american sports so if BR will not do better than KD i’ll not be surprised if he’ll be sacked at the end of the season…however next summer three or four top managers will be free, Benitez, Guardiola, Mourinho and Ancelotti, i’ll like to go with one of those, i would prefer Benitez for multiple reasons…the others are ok obviously, but Benitez have nothing less than the others (in fact he’s the best in my book) but he knows the lfc world better than anyone else right now so, an easy decision to me…

  15. I really dont understand the panic and the calls to bring RB back. Get a grip people and stop whining, BR will come good, we are changing our style of play and that takes time to come good, but it will. Yes we have been inconsistent but with more games, we will improve, our problem has been an over reliance on one goal scorer, come the January transfer window we will put that right and then you will all see us go. I trust BR to get us back in the CL maybe not this season but he will. Ol blue nose was a whisker away from being sacked at manure when he first took over. YNWA

  16. What BR needs is time just like what Kenny needed. Kenny had the brains to know his weakness so he got Steve Clarke to assist him. BR needs time to reflect and acknowledge his weakness and move forward. He has said he has made his share of mistakes.But he needs to learn from it and move forward and not be obstinate. He cannot force his stlye of play on the team immediately but also play to the strength of the players he has available to him and slowly change the team style over time.

    What we need to do is give him the time and support to rebuild the team. I acknowledge that he might not have the right experience to manage a top club but he does need a chance. Barca didn’t buy most of their players but brought them up from the youth team who plays in a certain style. So BR are is trying to do the same. We will need time to grow….

    I am growing tired of “rebuilding” and “in transistion” teams. i guess so are everyone of you so let’s give him his 3 seasons to do his job.


  17. What people have got to realise is the fact that Liverpool FC have promising supply of young players coming through is mainly due to Benitez, as well as Sterling, Suso, Wisdom etc there is a young man called Texiera he is another to watch out for!! This lad is sheer class and he is not far off the first team! ALL THANKS TO RAFA!! He should have been given the chance to see through the job at Anfield, instead he got the bullet by a couple of couple of retards and another retard Ian Ayre is the reason FSG won’t re-employ him. I think come this time next year BR will be on his way out and Rafa will be back. I honestly want BR to succeed but I frankly think he is simply not up to the job! When he starts going back to his old club to sign players he rates, it means he has run out of ideas and cannot spot a good player unless he works with him daily!!

  18. Get rid of Lucas BR he’ll cost you your job , how many enquiries have you had for him from other clubs ? Should tell you something BR . I don’t know how many but none would be my guess

  19. yes thanks to rafa we have a promising group of youth, different ages and different origins. All you really have to do is look at the hype surrounding players like Sterling and Shelvey. everyone knew they were good, but rafa saw something more and his eye is spot on for all of us to see. we had a great scouting network in place and rafa was very dedicated to developing our future while maintaining our international talent on the first team level. i honestly think if we didn’t have the owners we had, rafa would still be wearing the red tie and saying that he would never coach chelshit. Not to mention that he brought back our boyhood hero to assist with things around the club, who was that man, Kenny Dalglish! BKB! (Bring Kenny Back) I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see that man on the touchline or in the stands. i was happy because i knew kenny was happy and so was the city. Rafa knew what kd meant to the club and community. why am i bringing this up? because rafa loved us and tried to see everything that surrounded the club. I think some people need to do us a favor and take the tunnel vision blinders off and take down paintings of yourself. if we can’t play it out of the back due to high pressure, play the ball over and look for the next line of passing!!!have a plan b!!! coach without an ego please. make a formation with the personal you have at your disposal, not try to make players adapt to you. rodgers is a good coach… world class manager…im not so sure. but rafa IS. sorry to rant out of frustration but hopefully chelshit hire mourinho or pep and we swoop rafa straight away. until then i will back BR unless we lose to qpr then i might check in to a hospital. Red now, always and forever. YNWA

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