Reds Flatter to Deceive

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By James Giblin

Sitting with my younger brother in the Kop and watching Liverpool punish Fulham 4-0. Nothing is more satisfying. It was the first time that me and him had watched a game together since we played Burnley at home a few years ago (we won 4-0 then as well). It is then that my delusions of Liverpool hit a new high.

Those delusions were soon shot down though. Yet again, Liverpool won a game convincingly and then were beaten in the same fashion.  As much as it hurts to say, Liverpool are nothing more than mediocre. Granted, there are a few classy players scattered around the field but in terms of attitude, they fight for nothing.

This season Liverpool have been handed a brutal dose of reality. Teams do not fear coming to Anfield anymore. Strikers look at a fixture against us and can taste a goal or two. People aren’t afraid of the boys in red.

Perhaps the solution is close at hand, though. Nobody can doubt Steven Gerrard’s work ethic, but time is catching up with our captain fantastic. Several mistakes this season have cost Liverpool goals and in some cases, points. It may be about time  that Liverpool inform Gerrard that he is needed more as a squad player, than a team player. Leaders like Agger, Reina or Johnson may be just what Liverpool need to re-inspire the team as a captain.

There is no consistency in this team; there is no focus. Most worryingly though, there is no fight.


  1. How the mighty have fallen,not going to change with these average players weve been linked with players that cant get into there own teams.Im sorry to say this but we are a mid table team at best.

  2. We needed a world class manager and had an opportunity to get Rafa back. Instead we have a rookie manager learning his trade at anfield. Will his ideas prosper in the premiership I’m still not sure. We were so soft against stoke it was a painfully watch.

  3. James Giblin, it’s a shame that you single out Stevie G as the cause of the Liverpool slide. There are 11 players on the pitch at any given time and each one of them is capable of making mistakes in the course of play. It’s plain and simple that making mistakes is part of the game, omg!! Can you tell me any player who has not made a mistake in his/her playing career? That’s why we have 11 on the field so that if one makes a mistake, there are 10 others ready to remedy or salvage the situation. This is not lawn-tennis (singles, for that matter). It is writers like you who have killed otherwise potentially brilliant players with your f**kin write-ups. Don’t forget the might of the pen, James!!!

    In my opinion, there is nothing overly wrong with how Gerrard is playing. How different is it from Nemanja Vidic of Manure, Vincent Kompany of ManCity, Calos Puyol of Barca? I don’t see them ranting out anything to their fellow teammates whenever the team is not doing well.So why should it be different with SG, for Christ’s sake??

    The real problem with the current team is the entire management which is clueless, imo. Give this team another, astute, manager and you will see wonders with the same set of players.

    Just bring back King Kenny and see what Stevie G does.

  4. Buy any two of Huntelar,Villa,Ba,Cavani,Berbatov, they are old but they will make us attractive to younger and classy striker

  5. Deffo,kenny should have been given another year or 2…I hope Brendan get’s us going in the right direction…Given time he might,but have we ever seen a worse Liverpool team than this?….It’s hard watching atm….j

  6. We have a world class manager and a program that over time will pay off. Sorry but Rafa failed to produce and KK as well. Stevie G has fewer great performances but he will be needed to provide an example and leadership to the recently promoted from the academy. They only way too compete with the money of Chelsea/Man City is to build the academy. For this to succeed we need continuity with the past. We play a great game and are missing a few pieces. This does not require a massive overhaul. If you want a perennial midtable team the continue to call for the same things those teams do–fire the manager, buy more overpriced players at the end of their career. IF you truly want another LFC dynasty we need stability and long term players. You build that from within.

    1. Eh Brent how do you figure hes world class? F*ckin ridiculous statement that! In time he might become one but not right now, it would be great if it happens at Liverpool and added his name to a list of great world class managers but please dont talk sh*te till that happens.

    2. Brent, good point accepted on the LFC dynasty being premised on long-term players…. mainly coming from the academy.

      But what did Rafa and KK fail to produce that Br is producing? Mid-table mediocrity? Oh no!! Don’t forget that the current product coming from the academy is the brainchild of Rafa and KK, which means they had the vision. BR is just using the product that they established, lest we forget.

      The team has not shown any progress so far under BR other than just passing the ball in LFC’s half!

      1. Liverpool4Life you have to consider that Rafael early on and KK were given a lot of money to buy players. BR has had to promote from within. I don’t take anything from either. I am just saying that with what he has been given BR has done well. Point is better to build from within when bringing a new system. A few players more and the season would have been much better. Can you imagine the determination of Kurt in the lineup?

  7. look at the bright side Rogers has not done much worse then Kenny in terms of league standings last year. Then compare spending on new signings that were well overpaid, Kenny could be said was more damaging. Rogers has been left with quite the mess that he has somewhat cleaned up. Rogers has brought in average players too but compare Henderson to Allen then consider he cost us half as much in transfer fees would sum up the difference in managers. I don’t think Brenden Rogers is the answer but neither was Kenny, maybe Rafa but I think we should have went after better targets for Manager position.

    1. James, how do you reconcile “…cleaning up the mess…” and getting worse? Omg!! Fact of the matter is the current position of LFC is worse than last season, probably slightly better than Roy Hodgson’s.

      Granted, some of the players bought by KK were over-priced but the quality and passion of the team was far much better than the current state. That’s why KK’s team hit the woodwork a record number of times. That was sheer lack of lady luck. But that cannot be said of this current team.

  8. Honestly, the players are our problems. Yes, Stevie hasn’t been playing his instrumental best. But he is at a decline and he is playing as well as he should. If the other players played as well as they should, Stevie’s form should be sufficient for better results.

    But no, despite the potential of our young stars, I feel that they are more concern about their own progress rather than the club’s. They played it safe, not wanting any jarring mistakes that may cost them playing time, or worse, lowering their value.

    King Kenny’s progress with the team last season was similar (if not better) than this form that we have reached currently.

    Rafa’s job costing season wasn’t as bad as where we are right now.

    But BR is doing a decent job. The players’ form sometimes amazes me. Sktrel and Agger are monsters in their position but they fail to win any headers contested by Kenwyn Jones.

    Our attack needs someone reliable to hold the ball and decide when the right time is to penetrate. The person I think suitable is Suarez, but until we have a all and out striker, I don’t see how Suarez could be moved closer to the middle.

  9. We weren’t braking any pots before he came back , but we have defo got worse since he has come back , maybe things will change when he regains full fitness and regains his blistering pace and eye for goal .

  10. Liverpool4Life you have to consider that Rafael early on and KK were given a lot of money to buy players. BR has had to promote from within. I don’t take anything from either. I am just saying that with what he has been given BR has done well. Point is better to build from within when bringing a new system. A few players more and the season would have been much better. Can you imagine the determination of Kurt in the lineup?

  11. My main problem is that Gerrard, through the good or bad, starts every game.

    The man is guaranteed to be in the starting 11. Perhaps if a manager had the balls to drop him, it would send out a message.

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