FT : Mansfield 1 – Liverpool 2 [goal videos]

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Daniel Sturridge scored on his debut after 7 minutes.

Daniel Sturridge Goal vs Mansfield Town by Iamredsfan

Luis Suarez made it 2 in the 2nd half.

Green pulled one back for Mansfield

Green @SpheraChannel by SpheraChannel


  1. LFC should offer a replay at Anfield.Suarez goal was definite,blatant handball!
    With all the goodwill(the 96 etc:) and exitement that Mansfield have shown during the run up to the game it would be the right and proper thing to do!
    If the FA don’t agree then so be it! But the whole senario will haunt Liverpool FC forever!

  2. Agree, we should offer to replay the game, problem is there are no people at the club with the morals to make this offer.

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