ESPN Statement re Jon Champion’s comments

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ESPN have issued a statement regarding the comments Jon Champion made about Suarez.

“We take our responsibility to deliver the highest standards of coverage to our viewers. ESPN’s editorial policy is for commentators to be unbiased and honest, to call things as they see them. Inevitably this can involve treading a fine line on occasion, especially in the heat of the moment. Comments during the Mansfield v Liverpool match caused offence where none was intended and we have spoken to our commentator about this incident.”


  1. Little slap on wrist’s, not even an apology? Can call a cheat with so much venom and then just get spoken too. A joke.

    1. Lets not get away from the fact that Suarez is actually a cheat. He dives and flops every week to con the referee. Some of the comments on here about how ‘disgusted’ you were are ridiculous, stop being so easily outraged. It makes us a laughing stock.

      1. Soirée have you been watching Liverpool play at all lately? Suarez use to go down far too easy but he hasnt dived in quite some time. His first goal agaisnt sunderland was a clear example of this. Everyone can see Suarez is cleaning up his game and hasnt been diving at all of late.

      2. “dives and flops every week”?? do you actually watch Liverpool play? because if you do you would have noticed that Suarez has stopped all of his over the top theatrics and blatant diving ever since the Stoke game at the start of the season. In fact, commentators have actually complimented Suarez for staying on his feet in recent weeks instead of throwing himself to the ground which everyone would have expected. Not once have I heard Bale being called a cheat by a commentator, even though he is the 1st player in prem league history to be suspended for diving. Comments made by Jon Champion were unacceptable regardless of who the player was or which team he played for, cheat or not. His comments about Suarez’s celebration are testament to exactly how clueless and unknowledgeable Jon is as a commentator as Suarez has that celebration after every goal he scores.

      3. Have you even any clue on the game? Have you ever played to a decent level to be able to make such accusations on Suarez? You’re a disgrace to those who love the game. Go watch Netball, you’re embarrassing

  2. And will he be making an apology about his very unprofessional conduct, where children where watching and hearing a so called unbiased commentator make inflamatory remarks about a football player, and question his celebration.

  3. Well thanks for that poor excuse of an apology . Just called ESPN to cancel . I’m sure I won’t be alone . Rather stream and listen to commentary i can’t understand !!!

  4. I don’t think this is an acceptable response. Calling someone a cheat in the heat of the moment is ok? Definitely not. I think he needs to get a suspension minimum. If Darke & Grey got sacked for their stupid ‘off air’ comments, then I think this is way worse as it was live TV

  5. Surely he should be making a public apology himself, to say that the matter has been dealt with behind closed doors is a joke considering his biased comments were said infront of millions!

  6. Could you also ask Mr Champion not to comment on a player’s celebrations. Suarez almost always kisses his wrist, where his daughter’s name is tattooed, and his wedding ring. To further inflame his remarks by suggesting it was to wind up the supporters is unacceptable and inflammatory. Suarez deserves an apology for that as well.

  7. He spoke the truth, get over it move on, credit to the fella for having balls and not sitting on the fence.

  8. Slandourous comments…. Should a made to appologise publicly, disgusted to hear from supposed ‘professional’ commentators….!!

  9. I’m a Liverpool fan and while I’m disgusted at his comments it is not a ‘sackable offence’ in my opinion. Let’s be realistic about that.

  10. I think the fact that it’s been acknowledged by ESPN is enough. Let’s not call for sackings, that’s just as ridiculous as Champion’s knee-jerk reaction about Suarez in the first place.

  11. this guy is just a jerk!!!! who wants to cast the first stone… he has demostrated he knows nothing about the game at……… what a terrible thing to say on live TV He should appologise to the viewers and Mr Saurez.

    1. Interesting. Your use of the words little and dick likely portray personal physical characteristics. The psychology is clear.

    2. Steve how is Suarez a racist? He was never found guilty of being racist,he was found guilty of using language likely to cause offence,the only racist dicks here are the ones that insult him whilst using his country of origin as part of a derogatory comment.As for you Steve get a life.

  12. I watched the broadcast and as i do not agree with what he said, lets not go over the top. The guy called it as he saw it and in my opinion got it wrong. A little word in his ear is all that is needed.

    Why are we always so keen to see people get sacked?

  13. No sacking required. ESPN have made their statement clear that it was unintentional. You’re messing with someone’s career here because of one blatant comment? Dont be silly. I am angry as well but I think we should move forward and forgive Mr Champion who have been a brilliant TV commentator for so many years.

  14. I guess you can slander, abuse and make wholly unjustified comments where Saurez is concerned with no fear of sanction from your employer?
    Shame on you ESPN – Gut less

  15. Will Jon not be given a warning or anything? If I behave unprofessionally in my job there are consequences not my employer backing me!!!

    ESPN run by Manchester United!!!

    That’s the real JOKE

    1. If rvp had scored it you would be saying united run the fa. Get a grip and stop looking at everything through your scouse tinted glasses

  16. We want fair commentary. That is all and in similar incidents I have not heard such comments. A public apology is the right thing to do

    1. “LFC cheat to beat minors” – I didn’t know we were playing their under 18 side!! lol – great comment mate, well done!

  17. Well looking like ESPN commentary is to be a law to itself as an apology has not been made for inflammatory biased remarks on live broadcast,commentator should be aware of strikers (Suarez)celebrating of a goal,but no he was insulting opposition fans,needs to put right his opinion

  18. if he doesnt say sorry il be canceling my espn subscription and also may consider reporting the situation to ofcom . champion beeds to grow some balls and man up. if a sky or fox soccer reporter said what he said they would be very lucky to have their jobs

  19. If Champion was a good football commentator, he would know that Suarez kisses his wrist after scoring a goal, no research before the game shows he’s an amateur, even some amateur’s do background work so he’s not even as good as them

  20. Jon Champion has obviously never played! it was an instinctive reaction that ANY player would have done. I’m not condoning it in any way but sometimes you get the decision, and sometimes the decision goes against you. It was one of those things. Jon Champion should apologise for his comment and let it die a death. I’m sure there will be another talking point next week, thats football!

  21. The commentator messed up – he made a mistake just as Suarez has done in the past himself. Neither deserve to be vilified for matters that happened in the heat of the moment. We can’t on one hand try and defend Suarez for things he’s done that have been silly and then slam someone else for being as impulsive, no matter how stupid. I do however agree that Jon Champion should apologise publicly,

  22. Its funny that Messi did a hand of God goal and he was labelled a genius,Bale dives to avoid injury but when Suarez does these things he is the worst human being on earth. Its really unfair treatment of Suarez! The ref let the goal stand so I think an apology is in order to Suarez

  23. Complain to Ofcom and unsubscribe hit them in the pocket . Bad thing itv repeated what he said later. It could of been edited

  24. Jon Champion siad on live TV “That is the work of a cheat” after the ball hit Suarez hand and he played to the whistle. – Would he have said the same if it hit a defender’s hand and the ball was cleared – NO. Did he say the same about Roy Carroll when he never admitted that Pedro Mendes’ 50 yard shot was well over the line at Old Trafford a few years ago – NO! It’s simply a narrow minded commentator who clearly hates Suarez and probably LFC. Not saying he needs to be sacked but he should apologise. And I too am cancelling my subscription.

  25. Mr Champion should’ve at least looked before he leapt. U need to think before saying anything. It’s a pity u are not d only one who is an anti-suarez(there ar many of u). Make it right next time Mr Champion

  26. The commentator was out of order with his live comments and hopefully learn from this. I’m a massive Liverpool fan and unfortunately we have to live with all this because of previous comments made by Pulis and Ferguson. Lets remember that the Premiership is not whiter than white and cheating goes on every single game in the premiership! Whether its simulating diving trying to gain a free kick or penalty,Claiming for throw inns and corners when they know its not their throw or corner, placing the ball nearer when taking free kicks etc. Its all cheating. Its all part and parcel of the game and we have to put up with it or switch off. If you watch the Suarez incident in real time and not slowed down it happens so quick and he actually tried to pull his arm away, he then casually kicked the ball in the net fully expecting the whistle to go. If a defender had hand balled would you expect him to chase the ref and say iv hand balled there are you not going to give the opposition a penalty !! Of course not…So leave Suarez alone and This commentator im sure will learn a lesson on what he says in future. Suarez is no more a cheat than any other premiership player. Enjoy his football skills..

  27. not really Champions fault, he followed straight in the footsteps of Chris Waddle who first called Suarez a cheat, Waddle should be getting sacked or better yet just not allow him to comment on lfc games, the amount of times I’ve had to sit through Waddles inane vitriol against Lfc is unbelieveable, majority of times I put the tv on silent when the game is shown on espn

  28. It’s probably another ‘Liverpool month’ on ESPN next month. You know, when all subscribers have the choice of watching every LFC game, and nothing of the team they support. Unbiased you say?

  29. hi guys thanks for sharing this, but could you provide me with the actual link please Iv’e looked on they’re website not found anything nor on ESPN’s official twitter account

  30. What about Gareth Bale missing one game through Diving?
    What about English defenders handballing to stop a goal?

    Oh wait….Suarez aint English

  31. The most telling thing for me was the way Suarez’s arm flew back after the ball hit it. If he meant to purposely handball it he would’ve pushed it forward and tensed his arm. It proves it was accidental. People saying he’s a cheat over this seriously need to get a life. Every time Suarez scores or does well I’ll know you lot will be gutted and that makes me happy :) We love you Suarez you magical genius.

  32. A public apology is enough,wouldn’t like to see anyone lose their job. I only got so far down the comments and I picked up on three calling Suarez and cheat and racist, bet all three were dirty mancs. You would have him in your team in a flash.

  33. Any Man Utd fans complaining watch this link of one of your own Macheda handball goal against Chelsea.

    oh and those of you defending Jon Champion he has made stupid comments before, he is a professional commentator his personal views shouldn’t come in to it on live TV, besides he was wrong in what he said.

    Watch the following video where Jon uses the words “it’s a raping” after Downing scores against Fulham from this season

  34. Jon Champion not only called Suarez a cheat, he was relentless in trying to get the people he was interviewing to say he was a cheat. This type of commentary should not be allowed on television, he has only his own views, The worst commentator on television and not just on Liverpool I’ve heard him insult other teams on many occasion.
    Could you imagine Sky sports putting up with this, remember what happened to their last 2 commentators. Well done SKY !!
    Jon Champion choose your words carefully in future (if you have one) you are annoying to listen to at the best of times.
    Although I will not be hearing you again as I also have cancelled my subscription and so have the rest of my family.
    Well done ESPN an apology would have saved you all these comments and gained you a bit of respect but you have let yourself down.

  35. This apology has made it in the papers yet still hasn’t made it on ESPN’s website nor has Jon Champion himself apologised.

    I can definitely see Jon Champion on BT next season as ESPN are due to lose football rights at the end of the season. He’s already moved from ITV to Setanta to ESPN

  36. “heat of the moment”? I didn’t know this fucking Jon Champion was playing, he should be neutral, FUCK YOU JON CHAMPION


    1. Let me guess you’re another muppet that doesn’t support Liverpool but spends your whole day trawling Liverpool websites trying to stir shit you’re only jealous Luis Suarez doesn’t play for your team now do one you numpty.

  38. What a pathetic attempt to sweep the matter under the carpet. Jon Champion should have been made to apologise publicly and donate his match wage to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. This was a terrific opportunity for ESPN to make a stand against such blatant slander and ensure their commentator issued an apology at the very least; instead they have tried to side-step the furore and issue a poor excuse that does not come anywhere near an apology. I will now be contacting my digital subscriber and will have great pleasure in removing ESPN from my subscription. This man is a disgrace and his track-record of such venom precedes him; anyone remember his commentary of the 2002 Champions League Final from Hampden Park, Glasgow??? His disparaging and frankly racist comments attributed to the Scots should have seen him drummed out of television altogether.

  39. The only people being cheated are ESPN subscribers having to listen to jon the weasel champion and his sidekick the GORDIE penalty missing MAGGOT. TIME TO STEP DOWN JON YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATING VIEWERS FAR TO LONG.[ hopfully you do realize young kids are watching and sadly listening . Your LFC degrading comments may and probably have caused unrest in the N/W school yards] ]I will be canceling ESPN and just a gentle reminder to the maggot 4 3. Now both of you go and sweep A Fergusons back yard oh, and wash the car you grovling pair of cunts sorry heat of the moment.

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