Manchester United 2 – Liverpool 1 [goal videos]

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Robin van Persie scores, makes it 1-0

Vidic makes it 2-0 in the 2nd half.

Mu v. Li[]2 by matchhighlight1

Sturridge pulls one back.

Mu v. Li[]3 by matchhighlight1


    1. He’s still coming back from a long term injury, he needs game time to get back into the swing of things.

  1. BR lost the game with his lineup. He needs to lose his need to prove that Allen adds value to the team. He can use the term ‘false’ midfielder because with Alen in the team, we are unbalanced and defensively loose with gaping holes. Taking out Lucas and then Sterling just makes me think BR might not be as sharp as we all hoped he was. Allen is costing us points. I could make 3000 passes a day but does it get the job done? How many of these passes ove the team forward or gets them into an attacking advantage? OPTA should be asked. I’ll pass on Allen. BR you should too.

  2. Br shouldnt have played Sterling and Wisdom because we needed experience players to snuff out the threat of Man U players i expected BR to go with 3 defenders in Carragher,Skrtel and Agger and have wing backs in Johnson and Downing and choke the midfield up at least if we had played this way in first half Br can change things up in 2nd half well i m happy with Sturridge and i know with time he will be prolific in front of goal look at Suarez’s goal tally last season was crap but this season he’s been prolific and i m satisfied with Sturridge’s movement

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