Keeping Suarez At Liverpool

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Keeping Suarez At Liverpool

Luis Suarez is a world class striker and has been Liverpool’s best signing in many years, but can Liverpool hold onto their star striker?

Suarez signed a new, long term contract last summer for Liverpool ending speculation of a move to Manchester City. But Suarez just seems to be getting better and better with every game this season and unfortunately the same can’t be said for Liverpool.

Suarez is an ambition man and throughout his career he has continued to make progress by moving to teams that can test his ability at a higher level. Suarez left his homeland at a young age for Europe and Groningen in Holland proving that he had an ambition in abundance. Groningen couldn’t hold onto the rising young star and when Ajax made a bid for Suarez, they had to let him go.

Suarez continued to improve and make progress at both club and international level, catching the eye of Liverpool, who signed him. Suarez made an immediate impact scoring on his debut and has impressed ever since with his style of play and now this season in particular, with his goal ratio.

Suarez has become such an important player for Liverpool, especially this season with the lack of strikers in Liverpool’s squad. Suarez has scored most of Liverpool’s goals this season and Liverpool have become reliant on the Uruguayan. The striker’s form has brought many admirers and with Liverpool looking set to miss out once again on a top four spot in the League and entry into the Champions League, then the vultures that are European football’s elite may come to snatch him away from Anfield.

Suarez looks happy at Liverpool and is adored by Kopites, but he has had a rough ride since his arrival to England, with controversy never too far away. Suarez gets abused at every away ground and the nation’s media are quick to criticise the slightest misdemeanour from Suarez with headline news.

For the love of the Kop and the hatred of everyone else I don’t think it matters to Suarez as his ambition drives him on in his career, and worryingly for Liverpool this could be the time for Suarez to move on to a team that can guarantee him Champions League football where he can test his ability at the highest level of European football.

Liverpool might still make it into the top four, but it is a long shot. But if Liverpool show improvement and look to be heading in the right direction under Brendan Rodgers’ leadership then Suarez might stay if the club show the ambition that he does. Liverpool can’t afford to lose Suarez in their quest to become a top team in England once again.

Liverpool need world class players like Suarez to attract other world class players to the club, especially if they don’t have the attraction of Champions League football to encourage them. Keeping players like Suarez and Gerrard and Agger will show that Liverpool are very ambitious and have much quality to progress in the right direction.

But if Liverpool end the season mid-table Suarez could be tempted to further his career with a different team, and that could be a disaster for Liverpool at this moment in time. This second half of the season is going to be very important for the future of Suarez and for Liverpool.


  1. Well for what its worth i think this country we call england is a sh..hole with thick people who at heart a
    bigoted bunch who love to join the attack of people born
    elsewhere,the media here are a disgrace who will back the
    governments when they attack and invade other countries
    killing and maiming innocent people thereby being complicit in these acts by saying nothing or by saying
    it’s in the name of democracy,and this trickles down to
    having a go at suarez because he plays for liverpool fc and we all know how much the city of liverpool is hated by the
    british media and establishment because we dont buy into this crap we welcome people with open arms no matter where
    in the world you might come from,when they try to force
    suarez out it is an attack on the city and the fans,dont
    let these rats win back our little man to the hilt,let him
    know that we the fans of liverppol fc will never let him
    walk alone.

    1. Well said my friend. To add insult to injury, if Luis is hounded out of Liverpool by the double standards media mob, old onion nose down the East Lancs road will be laughing his cock off! Lets not forget the media, FA and club managers alike are sh#t scared of manu and ferguson. They even have their main man on the board of directors at the FA for crying out loud!! At what point can that not be considered a conflict of interest?? I do despair.

  2. Lets get it right Luis Suarez is one of the few honest players in the league. Remember when Jap Stams book was published and he said old purple nose told all the manc players to dive in or around the box! Because he told the truth he was sold. Luis should have had six penalties awarded to him this season but the refs did not see the blatant assaults, very conveniently. One thing is certain the British press are crap but we already new that.
    Luis Suarez is by far the best player in the league and he will never walk alone

  3. Well spoken Jim and Andy. Ferguson thinks he is Larger than the game,and should not be allowed on the F.A. I come from Australia and have been a”RED” supporter for 45 years,and his original statement that he wanted to destroy Liverpool shows his attitude towards other clubs. I hope he chokes on his chewing gum before they come down under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. English press, FA, and the Referees are the culprit that are killing the game. No wonder england can’t boost of being champion in the last two decades, irrespective of being one of the leading league in the world. Time is drawing closer that the EPL will crumble then it will be to late, England and EPL should correct the wrong and stop the double standard rules.

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