Welcome to Liverpool Phillipe Coutinho

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Phillipe Coutinho was at Melwood today, it looks like his signing we be wrapped up tonight or early tomorrow morning.


  1. great if he turns out to be world class but at his age all the great players were well estabished and that is a big concern, Owen, Gerrard, Fowler even Stirling.

  2. Nor was Berbatov when we could have snapped him up from Beyern. Benitez made more than one mistake. Great Liverpool manager but not God. His name was Kenny.

  3. Sterling world class, don’t make me laugh, as anLFC supporter for 35 years I can honestly say I have no idea why people like you saying sterling is world class. On what basis, the goals he scores? He couldn’t hit a barn door, on all the defenders he cleans every week? I can’t remember the last time he cleaned a defender to the byline. For his robost midfield interplay, or vision, or his ability to hold up the ball?please don’t make me laugh.

  4. I have to agree with Shane!sterling is becoming weaker and more predictable with every appearance !he was non existent on the man utd game!we need experience!the boys were lost without Gerard during the Oldham game

  5. Hope he does well but I can distinctively remember a similar YouTube video I watched last summer starring Assaidi!

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