Deadline Day, are you happy with the aftermath?

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So deadline day is over, the players, agents, the club and fans can now all take a deep breath and relax until the summer, then the madness will start all over again.

But what did this January’s transfer window really do for Liverpool football club? Well, lets take a look at what impact the new arrivals or departures will have on the team.

Firstly let us deal with the departures.

Joe Cole

Joe Cole moved back to his first club West Ham on a free transfer, Cole never got his Liverpool career off the ground, it was a combination of injury and lack of form that contributed to a very unsuccessful period of Joe’s playing career. Cole’s arrival was meet with anticipation, but a first half sending off on his Liverpool debut against Arsenal didn’t help him settle, he would then lose form and a series of injuries would condemn Cole to playing as a bit part player, he was loaned out to French side Lille for a season, but on return still failed to impress. It came as some relief to both club and player when Joe decided to return to Upton Park.

Alexander Doni

The Brazilian keeper failed to make any sort of impact for the Reds, although he had been given chances when Liverpool’s number one keeper Reina was unavailable, Doni failed to grab the chance with both hands, even if it was unrealistic that he would ever overtake Reina as the number one keeper. His contract was terminated by the club on the last day of the transfer window.

Daniel Pacheco

Daniel Pacheco has been loaned out yet again, this time to Sociedad Deportiva Huesca, it still makes me wonder why a player who is clearly not good enough for the first team or is not considered part of the managers plans can be loaned out without trying to secure a sale rather than a loan deal, unlike like Andy Carroll who is currently at West Ham on loan, but with an option for the Londoners to buy him.

There are some occasions when a young player or one that needs playing time warrants a loan spell, but there are some that never warrant such a opportunity, such a Alberto Aquilani who should never have been loaned out, but just sold to the first buyer who became available, regardless of the amount offered . Loan deals do have advantages, such as reducing wage bills, seeing if players fit the clubs system, but in general scheme of things, a sale should always be sought first and foremost.

Pacheco is a decent young talent but I fear he will never achieve his playing ambitions at Anfield, therefore it would make more sense to sell Daniel and let him move on with his career than to continue further loan deals.

Nuri Sahin

Sahin never made the impact Liverpool fans were hoping for when he arrived from Real Madrid, he did manage a couple of decent performances, especially against WBA, but all in all Nuri Sahin did nothing to convince Rodgers or the fans that he deserved a continued spell at Liverpool football club.

Now lets take a look at our new signings.

Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge has been fantastic since his arrival from Chelsea, and has instantly forged a working partnership with strike partner Luis Suarez, what is so impressive about Daniel is his enthusiasm to make his role with Suarez work. Every game that the pair start we can see a partnership of understanding that is not only intoxicating but spontaneous.

The reaction from the Kop is one of approval towards both Daniel and the partnership as a whole, all the initial indications point towards a partnership that will continue to grow from strength to strength, this will not only please the Liverpool faithful, but will give the Reds a real threat upfront and end the reliance on just one individual.

Philippe Coutinho

The arrival of Brazilian attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho has Liverpool fans licking their lips with anticipation of what Coutinho can bring to the table for the Reds.

He will hopefully play his first game against current premiership champions Manchester City on Sunday, and all eyes will be on Coutinho if he plays. He arrives with a good reputation from both Inter Milan and Espanyol, and Rodgers certainly saw something in Philippe to bring the Brazilian to Anfield.

The aftermath

The January transfer window is about making little additions here and there, not embarking on a mini overhaul of a squad, it simply is not the right time to create such massive changes, in addition the price of players are always over marked, therefore a much better deal can be achieved in the summer transfer window.

I personally am pleased with what the club has acquired this transfer window, yes there are some that will say we should have looked for a centre back or another striker, but its an unrealistic request financially, also player availability must be taken into account, the fact is that certain players will need to be sold before such an expensive task to bring in top quality personnel is undertaken.

Liverpool football club regardless of current league position or recent results are moving in the right direction in all areas, time and patience is what is required from supporters at this challenging moment in time. The road to success is not a easy one, but more of a planned strategic series of actions that form together at one given moment, and our moment will come my fellow Reds, it will come.

Brian Reece

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  1. I am neither unhappy nor happy as I was expecting at least top quality players to join us ( no disrespect to daniel and coutinho) but this is how I feel.This transfer deadline day was perhaps the calmest deadline day for me as I was not expecting anymore new players coming in.My beloved LFC , can we buy some top quality players in the summer?it saddens me when all those top players reluctant to join us.again,no disrespect to daniel and coutinho, once they put the red shirt on , I will cheer for them.YNWA

  2. what happened to our winger were after 4th spot ,if we dont get it good talent will not come to us. i didnt understand taking sturridge off against arsenal and bringing enrique on should have taken midfielder off and kept a stronger attacking team

    1. to be honest ,I felt disappointed at wednesday because as soon as we scored a goal then we sat back….the defence got deeper and deeper…for a team like arsenal, I knew for sure arsenal can harm us….I was extremely disappointed as soon as after we scored our second goal…we just gave up on attack…the defence got sat deeper and deeper again…Ya,I would’ve take the draw before the match but unable to win a match when you are 2-0 up is always disappointing…that time we were on the way to claim the first victory over teams above us…to be able to beat arsenal at emirates…everything sounded and looked perfect but then everything was ruined…I am not complaining,just to voice out my feeling…I felt down for the whole day because of this result…we are Liverpool….we should be able to win when we are 2-0 up…but now time to focus on sunday’s game…come on Redmen!For the love of Liverpool!YNWA

  3. to be honest I haven’t see coutinho play…I dont really want to watch his youtube compilation…What I couldn’t understand is that I believe I am not the only one in the world to realise that a creative midfielder is we are lacking of all these years..I dont understand why the managers aren’t bringing in one….yes under brendan we can keep hold of the ball but we lack that killer pass…yes luis is perhaps the most creative player in our squad but you cant expect him to find spaces between defenders and score on his own all the time…we need a creative midfielder…to be honest I’ve always hope that brendan plays suso more as he is a creative midfielder but he hasn’t impress in recent appearances…i hope coutinho is the answer for us…

  4. Happy enough with the transfers, I wasn’t expecting much but was happy that Suarez.finally got some suuport

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