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The word legend is one that is constantly overused by many in the footballing world, and never in the correct context.

But at Liverpool we have a true footballing legend in the form of Jamie Carragher a colossus, inspiring player who has served this great club with honour and dignity throughout his time at Anfield.

Carragher is everything a young hopeful would want to become, only players like Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard have shown the same kind of devotion to a club like Jamie Carragher has for Liverpool, which will make it even more harder to say farewell to the great one when he hangs up his boots at the end of this season.

The simply fact is we don’t have anyone who can fill his shoes now in terms of leadership or game reading. Agger and Skrtel are both great defenders, but neither have the leadership skills in terms of vocal presence and defence organisation that Carragher holds, Carra shouts orders like a lion and organises the defence like a military operation.

Jamie Carragher has been a key part of the Liverpool defence and Brendan Rodgers has the hardest job in the world to find or mould a player to fill the gap.

Over the past two years Carragher has lost a little pace and mistakes starting to creep into his game, but these are things which are down to age and loss of that extra yard.

We have to remember that Carra has been around a long time and there’s no way week in week out he will be able to keep up with players like Aguero, Bale or Walcott in a sprint for the ball.

But what role can Carragher play until the end of the season? Well one answer is to use Carragher as a sub and come on if we need a degree of calm or organisation on the field, starting Jamie every week may not be the solution, even if we would all love to see that happen, but its important to realise what Jamie Carragher has done for the club, and how hard he works to keep up a high level of fitness.

Personally, I want Carragher involved for as much as possible, when your chasing a top four spot you need big players and no one fits the bill more than Carra, he will shed blood for Liverpool and that’s what you need in the run up towards the end of a hard season.

We have young and some very experienced defenders but not ones with the leadership or organisational skills that Jamie Carragher brings, and now that he has decided to hang up his boots, it will be one of the hardest goodbyes in Liverpool history, to a true footballing legend that is Jamie Carragher.

Brian Reece

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  1. He has been the heartbeat of the Liverpool team along with Gerrard every time he’s been on the pitch. Will be really tough to replace his experience and organisational skills, one of my idols growing up and a true Liverpool Legend.

  2. Jamie my favourite player for years, led by example never gave up. I’ll never forget the champions league final, he was immense when we needed him most!
    Thanks Jamie Legend YNWA!

  3. One of the few men who will die for the red shirt on his back….We will never see another like him in a long time. YNWA Cara….

  4. Well you know best how you feel Carra , but sometimes you got it wrong like when you said you were’nt as good as Terry or Ferdinand , never seen Ronaldinho in there back pocket like he was in yours , you were JC and always will be MAGIC . we might never see one like you again , well we won’t will we , all the best Carra you will be missed LEGEND true LEGEND

  5. Carra earned the respect of our “travelling Kop” .. and i think wise enough to know when to go, whilst still competing at the top level, however, the best defenders learn how to compensate for lack of pace with use of game knowledge & positioning,..I feel he should play for as long as he can..because later he will regret not playing….

    However, this is a time when we miss managers Like Kenny or Rafa, who can bring the best out of players.. Like Danny Agger, who has the passion that could be encouraged.. Carra, if he is to be a coach, could do worse than to back Danny for the next Captain of Liverpool, Agger does it for Denmark..

    p.s. thank you Carra! (for all those games & memories)

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