Remembering the Gate 7 disaster

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Today is 32th anniversary of GATE 7 disaster in Karaiskaki stadium. In 8/2/81 after a huge win against AEK Athens (6-0) Olympiacos’ fans tried to get out of the gate 7 (its like the KOP) and celebrate out of the stadium. The doors were closed, so 21 peaple died and many others got injured. No one was punished for leaving the door of the gate closed and causing this tragic accident. It is the biggest football tragedy in Greece.

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Olympiacos and Liverpool fans join hands in demand for Justice


  1. i am a 13-year-old greek olympiakos and liverpool fan from greece and i must pay my respects to liverpool funs for the tribute which they paid for the victims of GATE 7 in GEORGIOS KARAISKAKIS STADIUM in 8/2/1981 ADERFIA ZITE ESIS MAS ODIGITE

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