Next Season Will Be Our Season…

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It is a saying that every Liverpool supporter in the world has said at some or another time in their lives, and it is often followed by some sneer remark by a rival fan of one of the more ‘in form’ clubs. In fact, it is a saying that has sort of become our ‘thing’. The truth is though, that no matter what position our club finds themselves in, whether we are sitting in mid-table or just missing out on top four, every Liverpool supporter truly believes that next season will be our season, and that sets us apart in the footballing world.

It is a belief that comes with being a Liverpool supporter that success is around the corner, the belief that our mighty club will rise once more, and it is this very belief – not only by the fans, but by the players too – that inspires our club to achieve the impossible. This success may not only be ‘next season’ but in a match that is being played, in a title run or even in a losing final…the belief is there. Where many clubs like Newcastle and Blackburn have slipped down from their perch and accepted their status in the underworld, we as Liverpool stay fighting and will always stay true to being one of the greatest clubs in the world – not because of our history, but because of who we are.  The Steven Gerrard heroics against West Ham in the FA Cup final of ’06, the Carling Cup Comeback against Cardiff last year and of course, Istanbul – the greatest match all time all have one thing in common, the never-say-die character of Liverpool FC.

At half-time in Istanbul the Liverpool fans ‘shook the stadium with noise’ as they sang YNWA at half-time, for a team that was losing 3-0 because they believed – and then the team showed them why they should! “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” – not if you are a part of Liverpool, cause when things get tough, you get tougher.

Maybe it is thanks to Shankly and Paisley after him for instilling this sense of stubbornness not to accept mediocrity but to push for excellence no matter how great the obstacles you are faced with. Shanks is famous for saying: “If you are first you are first, If you are second you are nothing”. A true reflection of who we are. We strive to be the best and never give up until we are, that is why it is always likely that next season may truly be our season.

Off the field, the club has faced the Hillsborough disaster and the nightmare that would follow, yet after all the years and hurdles thrown at them, the club and its people never gave up in their fight for their goal – Justice! This is the character that inspires everyone associated with the club that no matter what may come, they will never give up.

‘Next season will be our season’…is more than just six words, it is a belief in the future, whether it be the 5minutes of injury time that are about to be added on to a match or the actual season to come, we will never stop believing – because quite frankly, next season WILL be our season.


Liam Bekker- @LiamBekker



  1. Bring in Sanchez from Barcelona, Alonso (Real Madrid), Cissokho (Valencia) and Williams (Swansea) and we are once again a top 4 side.

    Out: Carracher(Retirement)Spearing,Carroll,Assaidi and sell Youngsters like Flanaghan,Robinson,Ngoo they’ll never make it anyway.


  2. I agree every year i feel like its gonna be our year accept this season cause i new this year was for building a good team but next season i really feel like we can push for forth please god i really miss champions league nites at anfield thats where our great club belongs …..

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