R.I.P. John Glover

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R.I.P. John Glover

A great campaigner on the fight for justice sadly passed away on Monday. John Glover died after a long battle with cancer at his home with his family.

John lost his 20-year-old son Ian at the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 and he was suspicious regarding the cover up of the event right from the start. John became one of the founder members of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, and was an integral part of the truth finally being made public.

John’s tremendous resolve and determination in his quest is an inspiration to others who suffer tragedy. John not only lost Ian, but he also lost another son Joe who survived Hillsborough, but was tragically killed in an accident at work.

Losing two sons tragically must have been heart breaking, but John was relentless in his mission to fight for justice. Then on October 2011 John was diagnosed with cancer and was told by doctors that he would be lucky to see Christmas. But in determined fashion John bravely hung on against all odds to see the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel to be published.

John’s life has been like the famous old Liverpool racecourse Aintree with so many tough and challenging hurdles. But like a champion jockey John cleared them all and to see the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report be published was the winning post for John.

A man like this will be sorely missed but his work and effort will live on in the fight for justice that would not have been achievable without John’s help.

John’s passing highlights the fact that too much time has passed since the tragic events at Hillsborough and more needs to be done to speed up the proceedings before more Hillsborough family members are deprived of the chance to see those responsible brought to justice.

In respect to John Glover I will finish this article by using the words of Pete Wyllie to pay tribute to this great man.

“Heart as big as the city, heart as big as Liverpool.”

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  1. Nice piece Jamie, well written and drawing attention to length of time taken to get justice. R.I.P John

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