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Rodgers has now had a year to evaluate all his Liverpool squad and I predict this summer we will see a mass exodus of the inconsistent and poor players.  Rodgers has already got rid of Cole, Maxi, Aqualiani, Adam, Bellamy and Doni and this exodus will likely continue in the summer. It has been widely reported that Rodgers will be handed a £20million kitty to spend making departures necessary to fuel the signings of 3-4 top quality players.

Jamie Carragher (CB)

One definite departure is the retiring legend that is Jamie Carragher. A stalwart of the Liverpool defence for over 15 years and an Istanbul hero, we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Carragher and his presence will be missed both as a great defender but also the voice of passion on the pitch. The center of defence is certainly a position which will see vast change come the start of the next season.

Martin Skrtel (CB)

Last season Skrtel was named player of the season for his amazing performances and consistency but this year he has been all but that. A real liability at the back especially in the latter stages of the season he has fallen out of favour to the retiring Carragher. At 28 years old, the Slovakian has a reasonable resale value of about £12million and this may be the reason for Rodgers to allow him to move on. He has consistently been linked to his former club Zenit St Petersburg but there seems to also be interest from Arsenal in a attempt to sure up there shaky defence.

Sebastian Coates (CB)

Coates has failed to break into the first team, accumulation only a handful of first team appearances since his move in the summer of 2011. So much was billed of him after impressive performances at the 2011 Copa America. The young Uruguayan could yet have a future at Liverpool, however I think he will defiantly move this summer weather it be a transfer or a loan move am not so sure. There seems to be a host of Italian clubs such as Napoli and Fiorentina, the Reds could recoup the £7million they paid for him due to his young age and potential.

Oussama Assaidi (W)

This one baffles me, every time Assaidi has come into a game although not many he has looked lively and very skilful but he has yet to be given a proper opportunity in the first team. There seems to be something about Assaidi that Rodgers just doesn’t like, it’s a shame for such a good player with uncontested potential not to be given an opportunity. There were rumours that the player could have been bought without much deliberation with Rodgers. In the winter Galatasaray and Fiorentina where both linked with loan moves for the Moroccan, I feel that in the summer he could move to Ajax as part of a deal to bring Christian Eriksen to Anfield.

Fabio Borini (FW)

The Italian has been plagued by two long injures which have limited to five Premier League starts, the youngster in my opinion should be given another season to prove himself. Liverpool would certainly make a loss on the player and wouldn’t be able to recoup his £10.5million price tag. As with the rest of the players Fiorentina seem to have shown an interest.

Andy Carroll (FW)

£35million, just a ridiculous amount to player for such a mediocre player. Liverpool will never recoup even half of that money, and the time to cut their losses on Andy and move on has come in the summer. The only club which seem to want anything to do with Big Andy is Newcastle and an exchange deal to bring Hatem Ben Arfa to Anfield has been muted and I think would be beneficial for both sides. On the other hand Carroll could warm the bench for another season being cover to both Suarez and Sturridge.

Danny Wilson (CB) & Dani Pacheco (FW)

Both players out of contract in the summer and very unlikely that there contract will be renewed, Dani Pacheco was meant to be what Suso is now and Danny Wilson was just a player who was signed after only one successful season at least he only cost 1/10th of Carroll.




  1. Danny Wilson is already out . His contract expires in the summer so we won’t have him in the selling list !

  2. Think you’ve pretty much nailed it on the head here Samed, bar a couple of loans ( Robinson & Shelvey) and maybe even if funds were needed ( Enrique or Downing) Not sure if Borini will be included but the crux of the matter will be how and on who the money is spent. Not very confident we’ll get Erikson as im sure the big boys will come sniffing….

    1. Why would we send Shelvey on loan, he’s coming on great guns and is brilliant cover for Allen, Gerrard and Lucas!

  3. Comical ..

    How have Laurel & Hardy, AKA Downing & Henderson, escaped the CHOP? Never have been, never will be LFC standard; despite nearly two years at the club

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    2. You mean “enrol”, not “enroll”, surely? Perhaps you should do a basic English course before making a prat of yourself with such an insulting post

  5. Borini is as poor a striker as we have had in recent times he makes Ngog look like Messie if he isn’t sold in the summer then the manager is on very thin ice keeping faith with the likes of him

    Assiadi was bought because Ajax had earmarked him as the player they wanted to replace Erikson with when they sell him as it kept him away from there rivals in the Dutch league and gave Liverpool a massive bargaining chip for the player I think this deal is well along the line and that is why we saw very little of the lad and when we did he impressed

    I think one of the midfielders will also go Jonjo Downing or Henderson as we will be adding to this area in the summer and they will fall down the list

    Coates and Skertel will both go, you can see that and will bring in decent money along with Carroll who will stay at West Ham or move back to Newcastle I think we will see at least 5 decent signings added in the summer and that should be the last major spend then it will be one or two players added after that filling holes that the youngsters couldn’t fill

  6. Can we really afford to get rid of Coates, considering we’re already losing Carra to retirement and probably Skrtel to inconsistent performance? I don’t see how never playing, we could recoup the same amount we paid, another year on with very few appearances?

    Assaidi should be given a longer run, regardless. He was inexpensive, he was “hurt” or at least rumored to be injured, which was why he wasn’t in more matches, unless that too, was a lie? Look, we NEED speedy Wingers, with good stamina and great skill in keeping the ball with footwork. I don’t see what we gain by allowing him to leave, without an actual run of games to see what he can do.

    I can’t see more than about 49M, out of that group, with the 20M already rumored to be available. Is that enough to truly fill out our first team with the difference makers we’d need for Champions League football?

    Realistically, we need 3-4 CB’s, another Wing, another Striker, and potentially a new GK if Pepe leaves.

    I’d love a combination of Sakho, Cissokho, Dede, Eriksen, N’Koulou, Xabi Alonso, Jay Rodriguez and a GK, possibly?

    Just questions I had floating around my head, good write up, in general!

    1. A combination of………..I’ll give you Eriksen and Jay Rodriguez after that I don’t think so!

  7. Letting downing and henderson go would be crazy both paying well if not becoming great squad players which is what all teams need.
    We have to get the players out who have not been playing and players who are just not doing it.

    I’d sell- shelvey Carroll Coates skrtel Pacheco spearing and let Wilson go and with Jamie carragher gone Lfc would have made much money on both net fees back into the club and net wages save that could then be used for the 5 new player we all need

  8. i hope you are wrong about assaidi (even though i like the look at ericson in a liverpool shirt) but apart from that the other look set in stone. :( pity skrtle is a good player but not world class.

  9. yes, i also think all the mentioned players deserve to leave. But i dont see any reason attempting to sell henderson and even downing, all are good squad players. I hope our scouts will also do a very thourogh job. Best of lucks.

  10. Downing n Henderson should be retained. If we bring in better player than these two, both of them can be excellent squad players. In case of injury or the need to rotate arises at least these two players will give us 2012-13 season standard of the team, not worse.

  11. We need a more energetic, powerful, stronger, and faster player then Lucas as our holding player. Lucas can be a squad player, but he may not be good enough for us to win the league. One solution is for Stevie to make this holding role his for the next four to five years and Lucas as his cover. A player like Erickson to take over Stevie’s role further up the field, and Hendo, Shelvy as covers.

  12. With Kelly and Wisdom coming through the ranks, we may need just one central defender to replace Carra even if Skertl leaves.

  13. Add Allen to that list. He is a very ordinary player. Henderson is far superior in all departments and he isn’t great yet.

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