Redmen TV : Liverpool v West Ham 2012/13: The Uncensored Match Build Up Show

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West ham bring their Allardycian brand of football to Anfield on Sunday aiming to keep Liverpool from back to back wins. As kickoff approaches The Redmen TV preivew the game with all the Uncensored Match Build Up…

– The arrival of West ham and their Allardycian Tactics
– TRIVIA: How many goals have been scored in our last 5 premier league meetings with West Ham
– No Andy Carroll- which based on recent form is a good thing!
– Nolan: Super Striker, Or, Err… Not.
– Dangerman Focus: Kev Nolan
– Are West Ham Still in a Relegation Battle?
– Lineup Predictions
– Was Villa Our Best XI?
– Where Does Sturridge Fit In?
– Score Predictions
– TRIVIA ANSWER which Paul forgot, again.

The Redmen TV is Uncensored LFC Television…