Redmen TV : Eriksen and/or Alonso to Liverpool This Summer?

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This week’s question of the week focusses on two of the ost persistent pieces of Liverpool transfer speculation Ajax’s Christian Eriksen and a potential return fro Xabi Alonso…
Question from @jadenLFCpatel

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  1. without a doubt i will loveto see erikson no matter the prize tag of 17 million,the guy will surely work for the money to the satisfaction of every fan of this great club and am certain of that.pls breden rodger go get him and i believe with u liverpool will return to the glory days

  2. Liverpool need a huge Summer!!!
    No crap about could not sign him or could not do this !!!
    Just bring in better qualiy and cut players away from the club and help the resources.
    Carroll spearing Wilson Pacheco assaidi can all go
    Robinson can go on another years loan with recall option as can Flanagan
    Ngoo can do as above.
    Coates skrtel and Borini I’d sell, skrtel has not been at it and he would have been back in by now if shown maybe better attitude, Coates seems a passenger who could be good but we need better now, Borini was a crap deal from day one rather use the cash and move him on.
    If we can add get fsg – to add 40 mill then with player sales we could get a squad together?
    Lfc need to get on with it a get deals done ASAP

  3. eriksen


  4. sign diame,eriksen and alderwield in my opinion.. xabi would be available for free during the summer..!!

  5. downing 20, henderson 20, adam 7, poulson 5, Mierless 10, cole (16 million in wages), Allen 15,
    Borini 12, Aquliani 18 ==== 123 MILLION spent in midfield !! Put them all together and they’re not even close to how good Alonso was and still is. Red face even recently setup his entire team to try and keep Alonso quite.

    Whatever the cost is…bring him back !!!

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