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By Mobeen Kamran

With club legend Jamie Carragher will be retiring at the end of the season and with Martin Skrtel not playing at his best Liverpool are in desperate need of a Center back if they are to even think of qualifying for the CL.

Two names that have been strongly linked with Liverpool F.C are Ajax’s Toby Alderweireld and Vasco Da Gama’s Dede.
I think either one can be signed for the following reasons:

1. European experience

Alderweireld plays for Ajax a team that wins the Dutch league every year. A team that has produced some of the best players in Europe and has won the CL four times. To play for a team like that gives Alderweireld a big advantage over Dede. Dede will take some time to settle into the side time that Liverpool do not have. Lucas leiva took over two years to finally come good for LFC and Dede could take longer.

2. Presence of a huge center-half

Since the beginning of the season Liverpool have struggled against teams that have had a big center-forward, in fact one of the reasons Liverpool lost to Oldham Athletic, Stoke City, Aston Villa was the inability of coping with the huge front line that these teams possessed. And standing at 1.93m Dede can end the problem.

3. Versatility

While Dede can only play as a center-half Toby Alderweireld has the ability to play as a full-back an ability that could be very useful during a long season in which many players could get injured.

4. Buying players directly from Brazil is a gamble

Buying players outside of Europe is a huge example especially Brazilian players if you take the example of Robinho who was bought from Santos by Real Madrid for 24 million euros only managed to score 25 goals in over a hundred league games. Even Neymar has failed to impress with Brazil and in his performance against mexico last year led to Pele who once said Neymar is better than Leo Messi criticizing him.

5. It can pay off

Two players were signed from Brazil and went on to become legends of the game, the two players are Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. Even Lucas Moura and Oscar from Chelsea are showing signs of becoming great players in the future.

6. Promise of goals

Check out the following videos to see some spectacular goals from Dede and Toby Alderweireld:



  1. Liverpool could in fact do well with three defenders, Diakite, Toby and Sakho to replace Cara, Skertl and Coates. Diakite is a carbon copy of Cara and Sakho would add arial presence in defense and in attack for corners and free kicks. Toby would be be good at right back to replace Johnson in the team. Johnson and Skirtl have been awful this term and are the main weaknesses in defense. Get the three new defenders in with a new right winger and a striker to support Suarez and Sturridge, you will have Liverpool flying off the block next season.

  2. I prefer toby, becoz his ability and mentality will bring liverpool to succes next season. This club is need mentality. And mentality will bring us to consistency, and i think we need another midfield to play next season. So, I think germany player have more mentality than any other country. Just take a look what happen next season

  3. Dede has just been sold by cash strapped Vasco to another Brazilian club Cruzeiro. Price about 5 million euros for 40% of the rights of his contract.

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