RIP Anne Williams

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Very sad news this morning.

Hillsborough mum and justice campaigner has passed away after losing her battle with cancer.

RIP Anne Williams

Anne’s son Kevin was one of the 96 who lost his lives at Hillsborough, he was just 15. Anne refused to pick up Kevin’s death certificate and for 24 years campaigned to get the Attorney General to give Kevin a proper inquest as she would not accept his death as “accidental”. Kevin could have been saved if he had been attended to.

An e-Petition earlier this year received over 118,000 signatures triggering a discussion in the House of Commons, now a new inquest is on the fast track as the old one was quashed.

Unfortunately Anne wasn’t able to see justice in her lifetime, she was at the Hillsborough memorial on Monday and I am sure she found solace knowing that Justice will be done soon.

RIP Anne, give Kevin a big hug.



  1. R.I.P Anne my prayers n thoughts r wit ur family at ths sad time. u wer n always will be a amazinh woman. u never gave up the fight for justice for ur son n 95 other fans. u r a very respected woman. u wil never b forgotten. finally ur reunited wit ur boy xxxx love u… xxx

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