Liverpool And Suarez Issue Statement

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By Arun Nair – (@Nair_39)

Liverpool have reacted both swiftly and strongly to the bite incident involving Reds striker Luis Suarez in the 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Anfield today. The club have issued the following response:

Luis Suarez said: “I am deeply sorry for my inexcusable behaviour earlier today during our match against Chelsea.

“I have issued an apology and have tried to contact Branislav Ivanović to speak to him personally. I apologise also to my manager, playing colleagues and everyone at Liverpool Football Club for letting them down.”

The club’s managing director Ian Ayre commented: “Luis has made an unreserved apology for his actions today.

“His behaviour is not befitting of any player wearing a Liverpool shirt and Luis is aware that he has let himself and everyone associated with the club down. We will deal with the matter internally and await any action from the FA.”

Brendan Rodgers added: “Having reviewed the video footage and spoken to Luis, his behaviour is unacceptable and I have made him aware of this.”



  1. What about the elbow in the face from Torres? That is also unacceptable! Video does not show him biting anyone as there was no actual contact. Shows a possible bite! He may have apologised but that makes him the better man as Ibramavich obviously making a meal of the whole thing. Before stating that Luis Suarez bit him you should demand to see the bite marks. Without them, there is no evidence. Not saying he did not, or that it is acceptable, of course it is not but to say that he should just be judged guilty by the biased media: or the idiotic Gordon Taylor or the FA, until proper look at all the evidence has been seen. Seen the video and it does not actually show anything, just his head contact with the arm, not his mouth or his teeth. Press and Rodgers should get a perspective and if he sells our greatest asset then he should resign now as he has never and will never be accepted as a proper manager at this club.

  2. He’ll be lucky to play again this season. Can’t really make out from the comments how the club feel about this – obviously they’re not going to be happy but will this see them want to cash in on him?

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