Suarez Charged With Bite By FA

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By Arun Nair – (@Nair_39)

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been charged with violent conduct by the Football Association following the Uruguayan’s bite on Branislav Ivanovic during yesterday’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Anfield.

The FA said the match officials had not seen the incident and it had been “retrospectively reviewed”.

It added that, while the standard punishment for violent conduct was a three-match ban, such punishment was “clearly insufficient in these circumstances”.

Suarez has until 18:00 BST on Tuesday, 23 April to respond to the charge before an independent regulatory commission will be convened on the following day.


  1. Im sure the FA will ban him for the remaining games of the season.

    Unfortunately, I think Liverpool FC should have done so as well. I hate to say it, but in the long run, it would have cast a better light on the club.

    The only silver lining to this incident is, we dont have to worry about Bayern coming in the summer to sign him, they wont touch him now. And to those that said in a previous post that we should get rid of him, I say a resounding NO to that.

    What is so frustrating about this is, he was finally begining to get some appreciaton and credit for his skills as a footballer.

    Fair play to Ivanovic though. At least he isnt making more of it than what it warrants. Can you imaging if it was that Manc scum crybaby Evra that was on the receiving end of the bite?

    Since we were not going to earn a Champions League spot this season, and assuming Saurez is gone for the season, that gives BR an opportunity to take a longer look at Suso and perhaps Borini if he is cleared medically to play.


  2. Why is 3 matches “clearly insufficient”? Defoe got nothing. I’m a fan of a punishing him, but this makes it sound like the FA trying to justify a lengthy ban just because it’s Suarez.

  3. As far as I’m concerned the problem with Suarez is clearly a case of FRUSTRATION. He went to Anfield with a strong belief that he will win trophies their…but apart from the Mickey Mouse Carling Cup, he has realised that it’s never going to happen. His only option now is to force his way into a big club somewhere in Europe under a strong manager like Sir Alex or Jose Mourinho. Unless he does, his career will only go downhill.

  4. Here goes the python-like xenohobic FA again!!! Last time Suarez got 8-match ban and BP40k for alleged racial abuse on a fellow football player and what did John Terry get for a similar offence?

    It’s quite sickening how the British treat people of other ethnic backgrounds and origins.

    1. You have a legit point L4L, but LFC have to make a point here. Its a good thing that his fine will go to the Hillsborough Trust, but we need to be back in the discussion about how many points we are ABOVE Everton, or how many games before we lock up the EPL Championship. Were not going to get there if Louis Saurez is biting people on the pitch, or off it.

      I agree with LFC Fan 4 Life, in that we should be discussing who were bringing in over the summer, but what Saurez did feeds into the Manc controlled football media that LFC are out of control. This incident didnt help, and its going to cost Saurez in more ways than in his pocket. Whats the chance he’s going to get a fair opportunity for player of the year? Had this not happened, I think he had a good shot next year (assuming he has another stellar season)of many worthy awards.

      All that being said, a ban that stretches into next season would be unfair, so I hope Fergie and the FA stick with a 3 game ban, or no more than 4 games to finish out the season.


  5. Let’s move on guys ,manu have won thier 20th tittle , and hre we are thinking what punishment our own player should get.. instead we should focus on reinforcing our squad and high time we challenge for the tittle.YNWA

  6. LFCFAN4LIFE, how on earth are you going to challenge for the title when your best player(s) become victims of unfair (bordering on vindictive) punishments?

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