Does Suarez deserves his 10 game ban?

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Shocking, outrageous, corrupt, the FA are at it again.

The Football Association have banned Luis Suarez for 10 domestic games for a little nibble on a Chelsea centre back and the football community is up in arms, apart from Branislav Ivanovic obviously, he’s still recovering.

How very dare the FA, their anti-Liverpool Football Club agenda is continuing, not only did they ban him for inconclusive racist abuse on Patrice Evra but now this, a this that is fully deserved. We as fans need to be a little more rational with our criticism of English football’s senior governing body. Let’s take a look at it objectively so we can come to an agreement on where we should perhaps stand as Liverpool fans.

Luis Suarez; our best player, our hero, our villain and the proud owner of the famous number 7 shirt. He’s been superb the season, scoring crucial goals and creating little moments of magic that bring smiles to the faces of fans young and old. Whether he likes it or not, a role model to not only fans but the players he trains with every day, his attitude to his work is first class according to Brendan Rodgers, so who are we to disagree. “But Ben, have you seen what Jermain Defoe did to Javier Mascherano? He only got a yellow card don’t ya know. How is that fair?!”

Simply put, it isn’t. Times change, if it happened now you can bet Defoe would be punished in a similar vein to Suarez. Even then though the track record of Luis Suarez and Jermain Defoe aren’t really comparable in terms of previous convictions. You may think that what’s gone on before doesn’t matter, well the hard facts are that it does. A brief analogy for you, if you’re caught shoplifting and you go to court the most likely outcome is that you could be fined or given community service, lets compare it a 7 game ban similar to the ban Suarez could have received.

You’re clean for a year.

You’re arrested for assault. The judge looks are you, convicts you for the assault, more community service but wait, a previous conviction, we were caught shoplifting in recent memory of this particular judge and quite evidently we haven’t learnt our lesson. Uh oh, the judge doesn’t look pleased, he’s put another 50 hours on that community service. I’m going assume you’re following this. Luis Suarez is a victim of his own actions. We’re all in agreement that he should be banned but we’re so separated on how long his ban should be, we shouldn’t really be having to defend Luis, we should be worried if anything, worried why on earth he has these sorts of moments, it’s not very normal  is it? I have faith in the club that internally he’ll be dealt with properly for his own good

The simple math could look like this:

A 6/7 game ban for the bite, we couldn’t really argue with could we? You team that up with his previous misdemeanors and BAM! A 10 game ban which we’re describing as harsh. Remember also, I’ve failed to mention the fact that we bought this man while he was serving a suspension at Ajax for biting the neck of an opponent, this all adds up and influences the decision of the 3 members on the independent panel. Not everybody at the Football Association.

As fans I feel we have a responsibility to support our club through the tough times just as much as we do the triumphs. We’re never obligated to defend the indefensible though, nor should we, Luis is the only one that has to answer to this, his mistakes have cost the club dear on and off the field. It’s a great shame but it’s the way it is. I know not everybody will agree with me but I think we should accept the ban and give Luis the rest in preparation for next season.


Of course I’m interested to hear your side so feel welcome to leave a comment about this topic or if you’d like to contact me directly on this @DoctorBenjy is where you can find me on twitter :)


Ben Carr


  1. Talks a lot of sense, still think that 10 games is harsh but shows the rationality by the FA alot of fans are missing.

    1. What it shows is that most people are unaware that Dodgy Dave Cameron told the debatably independent panel made up of Manure supporters what sentence to give, And don’t forget he’s an Aston Villa supporter, and his uncle Sir William Dugdale, is the former chairman. It stinks.

  2. It’s simple, he has previous and recevied a 7 match ban for biing before. As a repeat offender you can only surmise that he hasn’t learned his lesson. The punishment this time has to be more than last time. 10 games is fair. Maybe he might behave going forward. the guy is a serial offender, I get Liverpool fans are blind to his talents and importance to their club and their judgement is affected by that. This guy is trouble everywhere he goes.

      1. Wow, what a very mature response. It’s no wonder footballing world hates the Liverpool fans with people like you around. Spitting the dummy out of the pram is just typical of the new age Liverpool fan. My point is valid, and you guys are comparing a little kick by Rooney to a grown mnn biting a fellow professional. The second time in his career he did it. He Racially abuses a player and ye blame the victim, he cowardly punched a fellow pro from behind on International duty lately – the guy is a scumbag and ye defending him and trying to make him out to be the victim all the time is pathtic to say the least. Grow up!

        1. Marty you seem to think all Liverpool supporters are the same so u have only ever met 1 i would say we are all different as people i think its you that is without a doubt the stupid one.
          The whole world does not hate Liverpool fans but most of the world has little tolerance for fools such as yourself in actual fact grow some balls and stop being such a little keyboard warrior.

          1. I dont know how to respond to that except to say my point is proven. LFC fans in general are the same. Attention seeking, everybody is against us idiots. They love twisting things to be the victims. It’s never Suarez’s fault…. He has a list of offences the length of my arm and it’s always someones elses fault. If viciously attacts a fellow Pro with his teeth, He punches a fellow pro when no one is looking, he rascally abuses a fellow pro and it was the victims fault, he head buts a Ref when he was 15 and no one saw the warning signs that this was a nasty person who needs help. Yes he is a fantastic footballer but as long as LFC fans keep feeding him this rubbish that he’s always the victim he will never change. If this was a player from another club you guys would have a completly different opinion of this nutter.

  3. How can the FA justify such a long ban considering that suarez got 8 for racially abusing evra. And Terry only got a 4 match ban and defoe got a yellow card for a 10 match ban offence where is the consistancy?

  4. The FA are their own worst enemies, they throw the book at Suarez, however remember Rooney’s little outburst of anger against Montenegro and the FA’s subsequent appeal against his ban and let’s be honest Rooney has form also.
    I do believe LFC will appeal and believe it’ll be reduced to eight matches.

  5. You cannot bring previous football convictions up. If that was the case everytime someone got a red card you would have to give them one more game ban then last time as “they didn’t learn from there mistake”. It doesn’t work that way and they can’t pick and choose when it does. 7 games would still be bad but would be accepted. 10 games is an absolute disgrace and the fa should be embarrassed.

  6. fa once again losing the plot doesnt suprise me such a big ban finished suarez season and makes sure he misses out on been top scorer and best player this season just what fa want so they can make sure van persie will take top scorer now which will please fa as been anti liverpool anyway suarez should have got a 3 match ban and thats it…..

  7. Its not the bans. Its the way it is all reported and portrayed in the media that gets my back up. Its the pantomime villainy which is just getting out of all proportion.
    e.g. Suarez got an 8 game ban for racially abusing Evra.
    I agree with the length of this ban, but not the way the facts were presented during the case, what testimonies were accepted as ‘fact’, and the overall sense that the FA’s legal representative went all out to prove to the independent panel of Suarez’s apparent evil intentions: – That his pinch of Evra’s skin was actually a racist gesture rather than a literal pinch to annoy Evra into reacting.
    Suarez himself admitted to saying ‘ne-gro’ as in Spanish word for ‘black’ on 2 occasions. His contention was that this was a culturally accepted term in Uruguay and non-racist in intention. This has been met with howls of derision from opposing fans, but it doesn’t matter how many language experts give their opinions in support of Suarez or against, the fact remains that Suarez had just admitted to using a phrase ‘which referenced colour’.
    This was in violation of the FA rules, and the FA could have closed the case there and then, handed out an 8 game ban to Luis, and justice would have been done.
    Instead, the FA lawyers chose to labour the point needlessly, embelish the facts with testimony from Ferguson who gave a vague assertion that Evra had said Suarez called him an ‘N-word’ at least 10 times. Evra himself claimed 5 in his own testimony. Somehow Ferguson’s unsubstantiated claim was suddenly accepted as probable fact, and the panel ruled that Luis said the N-Word 7 times as a sort of ‘compromise to all parties’, and so, despite the complete lack of video, audio and lip-reading evidence.
    They found Luis guilty of racial abuse, published a scathing 7 page summary at the end of a 100+ page document, released it at 8pm on New Years Eve, so no journalists could actually be bothered reading it in full.
    This summary was so harshly worded and full of skewed logic, that it barely had any resemblance to the actual hearing itself. The next day, the media went crazy. The Mirror proclaimed Luis a racist, the rest followed suit, and a man’s life was ruined.
    It’s hard to feel sorry for footballers with their money and lifestyle, but I felt sorry for Suarez as no-one deserves to be publicly branded a racist if there is even the slightest bit of doubt. One day we may find out exactly what was said and Suarez could even admit he was being racist in some future autobiography (and I will condemn him for it if he does), but on the “evidence” of that hearing alone, you can’t call him a racist with any certainty.
    The crucial point I’m trying to make is that the FA could have ruled on Suarez’s testimony alone, and still given him a lengthy ban, but avoided him the stigma of being branded a racist. Instead they showed their own desperation and impartiality, and allowed a twisted media full of fake righteous indignation to start a campaign to kick Luis Suarez out of England, which is still going on today.
    This isn’t Liverpool vs Everyone Else, 99% of Reds fans agree with a ban for the bite, they agree with the clubs condemnation of the players actions, they agree with the heavy fine. They may be shocked at the severity of the 10 game ban but most will accept that too. What they can’t accept is the ongoing media assertion that Luis Suarez is the antichrist, that he should be sold, sacked, or even deported. Its the lack of perspective and consistency that annoys us, and it should annoy everyone else too, but most are too caught up in the hate mob mentality to consider it.

  8. sorry but he penalizes the club for the 2 time. 18 matches in 18 months. we need top class players no mad for the reds

  9. I dont understand the ‘repeat offender’ argument that people are saying…..if u get caught speeding in Holland it doesnt mean u get a worse penalty if u then get caught in the UK – same with most crime committed overseas.

    The FA are run by Man U people good and proper and everyone knows it. 10 games is too much…6 max!

    1. Not sure why you bring Man Utd into this. It’s as if you think LFC are some kind of threat to Man Utd’s title. Always the victims, typical LFC fans. LFC are not as important as you think. Gone are the days when Man Utd FC fear LFC. Gone are the days when LFC ruled English league. UTD are now the kings of England the most successful team in England. It’s time for LFC to start taking ownership for their short comings and not always passing the blame on to UTD. Its so easy for ye to blame everyone, the FA, Man Utd….grow up at sort your own house out. Start with making your players and manager take responsibility for their actions and then sort out the fans who enable these people to do what they want by giving them get out of jail free cards when ever they step out of line. I used to respectyour great club for the way they handled things in the past. This last two years have been a PR disaster for the club and it has gone down in the opinion’s of millions around the world for the way they handle these types of situation. it’s not eveyone elses faultit’s the club’s fault. Sort it out….

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