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Let’s state the obvious and get done with it – The bite wasn’t a pleasant thing to watch. It shouldn’t be a part of the game and definitely not come from a Liverpool player. It is indefensible.

But… was it as vile as the tabloids make it out to be? Some said they’ll never vote for him at the FOTY. Mail called Suarez ‘shameless’ in contesting the suggested more than 3-game ban. The word ‘cannibal’ is thrown around at every opportunity. Some said fine was alright but throw him out. Some said Tyson was banned for life, so should Suarez be. These tabloids appealed to supposed higher values at Liverpool FC to throw Luis out. My question is: if Liverpool were to sell him, would that mean that the buying club has lesser morals than LFC? And why did Luis do it? Yes he was frustrated and there could have been that incident that some reported happened in the tunnel. But if he wanted to hurt Ivanovic, wouldn’t he be better off elbowing or kicking him? Biting was a childish reaction. He plays his football with a child’s enthusiasm and energy and immunity to injury. He also gets frustrated and reacts like a child.

The ‘papers’ like to overstate things. ‘Suarez sunk his teeth’ – really? How do you define that? How many millimeters into the skin is ‘sinking’? Is there a measurement? Did his teeth really do any deeper than touching the outer layer of skin? Bite, tried to sink etc sounds right… ‘sink’ is downright exaggeration.

The photos and quotes from Suarez’s past ‘mistakes’ are so readily available with these ‘journalist’s’ that it would be classified as stalking if they were not journalists. The handball against Ghana? He was playing for his country, for f**k’s sake! How many wouldn’t do that? Lampard, Terry, and even Gerrard would have been lauded had they done that and they would have done that. How is the handball relevant in the biting case? Except it lets the ‘journalist’ tell himself (and no one else except the FA) that he is making a compelling point.

Luis Suarez was at fault. But he has never denied that. Even in the Evra case, he could have said he never uttered anything but he didn’t. There was no evidence and only Evra’s word against his. Given Evra’s past with false accusation, Luis could have come out scot-free. Even on Sunday he was first to admit his mistake. There’s a list of incidents far more dangerous and with far more malicious intent than his ‘bite’ and with far lesser punishments, none in some cases.

– Going two-footed to break someone’s leg, end their career in the guise of winning the ball – red card & a 3 game ban (none if the ref was playing an upbeat song on his iPod before coming on to the field)
– Swiping the elbow across someone’s face/nose/throat – No action (or yellow card depending on what the ref had for breakfast)
– Blatant racism caught on camera and seen all over the world – 4 game ban (increases to 8 if it is only alleged and can’t be seen on camera, could be more if someone on FA’s panel had a fight with his wife)
– Biting someone infront of the referee – yellow card and no ban (subject to the meal ref was offered and whether the player is British or not)
– Biting someone behind the referee – 10 game ban.

Well, here are things that Suarez could have done instead:
– could have broken Ivanovic’s legs
– could have broken his nose with the elbow
– could have called the referee to look in his direction before biting so the ban would only be 3 games. (Stupid Luis! He should have known better specially since the Prime Minister of the country he is playing in takes these matters so seriously.)

In a recent Europa game, Fernando Torres was kicked while lying on the ground and it broke his nose. While chasing a lost cause we see a player pushed into the advertising boards. Birmingham’s Martin Taylor broke a leg and was sent off and banned for 3 games. The recipient couldn’t play for a full year. Definitely none of them were as dangerous as Luis’ bite. Some say that a bad tackle is a part of the gameplay but biting isn’t. Not saying biting is but neither is abusive language, getting pushed into the advertising, elbow on the face, or even getting abuse from the fans.

Luis Suarez is family. So whoever says he should be thrown out of the club can, write that statement on a piece of paper, roll it, and shove it where it should be shoved. We don’t throw family out. We stand by them.

But in any case… to hell with broken legs, shattered kneecaps, bloodied noses and fractured skulls. Forget racism and fans throwing missiles on the pitch. A bite on the arm is the worst of all so give it the biggest reprimand of all. A gory severed prosthetic arm being waived on the television definitely makes better TV than a bite. Role-models? Let the kids learn to fly into an opponent’s knees and open your mouth only to shout ‘f****ng black c**t’. I can only wish you ill, FA.



  1. Better points are rarely made. Well said. Should he be punished? Absolutely, and even Luis agrees. Should he be banned for 10 games? Probably not, but he doesn’t play for Scum, so he gets what he gets. Should he be kicked out of the club? Absolutely not. Read Carra’s piece about it. He put it into perspective as well.

  2. A nice piece, I’ve always know English press nepotism. They blow isuues out of proportion. Well to punish Suarez by FA and the club, it served him well. But every one (press, rival teams, fans, & FA) if you punish Suarez heavily know that you are killing one of your own – LFC.
    I only hope English FA & football fans will learnt their lesson as overbearing on the game over little issues & favouritism on players/clubs shloud be taken with care before it comes down crashing as it happens in some other leagues in the past.

  3. A more valid point would be, according to the FA, the referee was unaware of any ultercation. This lead to an “independant panel” picked by the FA therefore its not independant it would be known as “an FA approved panel” to ban luis suarez for 10 games. Now I’m not trying to sugar coat this in any way suarez is firmly in the wrong in my opinion but the charge carries a 3 game ban, how on earth does anyone rate a bite more than 3 times worse than a leg breaking tackle? Now onto kevin friend the referee in this debacle, I clearly seen with my own eyes mr friend delay steven gerrards corner to first listen to ivanovic, look at his arm, he then walked over to luis suarez and had a word! Now he didn’t brandish a card but he clearly dealt with the incident before allowing steven gerrard to procede. Going down the route of comparing this to other footballing incidents is to be honest childish as it will get you nowhere.. But certainly striking on the point that last season luis suarez admitted to using the word “negredo” (a completely innocent term in his own language) cost him an 8 game ban while video evidence of john terry shouting something I don’t want to repeat only earns 4 games, begs the question as to who is actually on these panels? What qualifies them to pass judgement on such cases? We as liverpool fans were always going to be upset at a 10game ban as at the end of the day suarez is our best player, but as football fans I think the FA have only proven themselves to use out of touch policies and tarnished themselves in this… Finally luis suarez will come and go at some point in his career but the FA punishing a bite 2 and a half times worse than the ex england captain shouting racially abusive language and obcenities at a fellow countryman will live long in every football fans memeory YNWA

  4. Firstly, the punishment came about retrospectively because the referee didn’t see the incident. If the referee didn’t see the incident why did he speak to both Ivanovic and Suarez? A reply above suggests nepotism by the English press. Forget that idea, most journalists don’t know the meaning of the word. They just want a piece of the action that is Luis Suarez. He’s news. Look back to the Alan Shearer incident some time back with Neil Lennon. Shearer made it known that if he was charged with allowing Neil Lennon to headbutt his boot while lying on the floor, he wouldn’t go to the world cup. Result, no sanction. Maybe Gerrard should stand up as Captain to tel the F.A. that they are getting F.A. out of him!!

  5. You say “Given Evra’s past with false accusation” what past? In the case of the Chelsea groundsman Mickey Phelan NOT Evra claimed he racially abused him.

    The FA Report notes:

    It is after the first altercation between Mr Bethell and Mr Evra that Mr Bethell is alleged to have shouted at Mr Evra “I’ll ******* have you, you ******* 12 immigrant” – an allegation which Mr Bethell has consistently and vehemently denied.

    Then there was the incident with Steve Finnan, again Evra didn’t make any accusations it was deaf fans watching on the telly that claimed they lip-read a racial taunt.

    From the Guardian following the incident:

    The incident allegedly happened after Finnan had given away the stoppage-time free-kick on Evra that led to Rio Ferdinand heading the decisive goal. Evra, however, was unaware of any racist taunts. The Senegal-born Frenchman, a £5.5m signing from Monaco in January, has not raised any complaints although he is aware of the allegations.

    It’s a shame that people are still peddling the erroneous story of Evra falsely accusing people of racism. I think you should try doing a little research before you write such nonsense.

  6. From the FA report on Bethell

    “The two witnesses who say they heard those words directed by Mr Bethell at Mr Evra are the Manchester United first team coach Mr Mike Phelan and the goalkeeping coach Mr Richard Hartis.”

  7. what are the management doing. having the privilege of being in charge of the greatest club in the world means they should act properly and decisively. as with the evra case they have consistently screwed up. they should have published the fine for suarez and not let him make sickly pr gestures like asking that it go to hillsborough. how much money does he give them personally ? then they should have banned him for a period longer than minimum of three games. that would have given us as a club the moral high ground as united did in banning cantona for four months. then we let suarez say he thinks 3 games is enough – surely we and he can see that biting is beyond normal violent conduct and deserves a longer term. given his history 10 is high but not unimaginable – phil thompson said on sunday he thought 10 games or longer !
    get rid of the knob – he is dragging our name down and down. and get rid of ayre and rodgers who are so far up his ass its ridiculous. grow some !

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