Arsenal’s interest in Suarez is good

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Because if Suarez is to leave, the more clubs that are interested, the more money Liverpool will get for him. Prior to Arsenal making an albeit ludicrously low bid, Real Madrid were the only team that seemed like they might come in for him. This meant they could sit tight, wait for Suarez to make it clear that he wanted to leave and then try and get him on the cheap.

De ja vu? I remember a similar thing with Javier Mascherano before he left for Barcelona. A series of interviews about how his wife wasn’t happy in Liverpool and the Catalan club ended up getting him for £17.5m. This was a player who, at the time was the Argentina captain. He was being lauded as one f the best defensive midfielders in the world.

If Liverpool Football Club is to improve on the field, they have to improve off it. This means not paying over the odds for average players and not letting quality players go on the cheap. So in the Suarez scenario, an auction is the best option for the club.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t want Suarez to go. But like many Liverpool fans, I have felt betrayed this summer. What started off with an interview that seemed fairly genuine about the player feeling mistreated by the English media has turned into a farce. It has become clear that he really wants to leave so he can play Champions League football.

Well let’s get a couple of things straight. The media have had it in for Suarez. One example of this is the way they slaughter him for diving yet players like Bale don’t get anywhere near as much stick for playacting. But the media are like that in this country. For example, you only have to look at the way they treat the England national team and Andy Murray to see that they build sports stars up and then knock them down. And in the case of Suarez, he really didn’t help himself with the Evra and Ivanovic incidents. Both times the club and fans stood by him. Would he have got this support at Arsenal? Doubtful. Yet despite all his flaws, I do feel a little sorry for the Uruguayan. I think he has been harshly treated by the FA more so than the media,. There was no alignment between the punishment he received for racially abusing Evra and the punishment handed to John Terry  after the Anton Ferdinand incident. And ten games for the infamous bite on Ivanovic seemed extreme.

Regarding his ambition to play Champions League football, I can understand that. But a little loyalty is owed. Suarez could quite easily say to the club that he’ll give it this season but if we don’t get in the top four he wants away. It’s what Torres should have done. Suarez had been signed to play with Torres just before he left. The Spaniard should have given it until the end of the season and waited to see how the partnership went. Sadly he showed his true character and I fear Suarez will too.

If he does go, Liverpool have to make sure they get someone of the same quality in. I’ve heard from a good source that Liverpool are hoping to announce a marquee signing in the next week. I hope it’s true. Let’s watch this space…