What To Expect For This Coming New Season

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By Ahnaf Yusri @naffyboy

Anyone else really excited to see how the team performs this coming new season? From what we saw towards the end of last-season, the team is on top form.

Looking at team now, We actually have a really good team. We did already last year but the team was still under Brendan’s early stage of developing them into his own playing style. After one season and especially looking how the team played at the end of the season, the team showed so much improvement if you compare during earlier the season. With the few additions we have now, we have an even better team. I firmly believe this team is ready to move forward.

We brought in a few new players and we’re still looking to bring in more. This is good for the team. Especially when the club is looking to get the transfers done quick. This will also be good for Brendan to be able to make sure the team will be ready before the start of the season. The team will be be fully reinforced as a group and thus putting up a real fight next season.

The competition for first-team places will be also tough. This is really good in a team that doesn’t need to be only revolve around few key players. The team will have players that will fight for their place in the starting eleven. They will make a impact when given their chance in the first-team. That’s what you really need to be looking for in top professional club.

What I want to see from the team next season is to play full spirit and enthusiasm. It will show they want to try to play better every season. Hopefully every single player in the team has the attitude to help the team.

This club is definitely prepared, the organisation, the mentality of the players, it is amazing.

Liverpool is not just a football club, it’s a way of life. The status of the club is incredible, especially with the proud support from the fans all over the world. I feel we are looking forward now. The team we have this year is exciting. Hopefully it’s going to go well for the coming new season.