5 Reasons Liverpool’s owners are better than the last

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With John W. Henry’s latest tweet, lets take a quick moment to reflect the positives of our new ownership, compared to our last.

1. They move the club forward.

How, you may ask. Well, after 11 years, it finally looks as if Liverpool will be getting a stadium upgrade. Here, you can see a full timeline of the saga. A new stadium is something Hicks and Gillett failed to make a reality. This links up with point 4. In times of a recession, a state of the art stadium was unrealistic.

2. They take an interest in football

Tom Werner said a while back that John had been reading, watching and constantly talking about football (Not American football). By using a complicated mathematical equation (common sense), this is obviously only a good thing. By getting to know the sport, even better decisions can be made. Hicks and Gillett were not that interested in the sport itself.

3. They make the right decisions

As many have said, Liverpool should look to the future rather than the past. That’s exactly what’s happened. It only became apparent when Daglish was sacked, and Rodgers hired. This point could be debatable, but would you rather have Liverpool in the position they are in now, or 2 years ago? We have made good progress, and set ourselves up for a great season. Even the appointment of Ian Ayre to managing director wasn’t all bad.

4. They aren’t unrealistic

They make goals that are achievable. As stated in the first point, Hicks and Gillett set out to make an expensive stadium in a short amount of time, in the middle of a recession. That’s not impossible, but nor realistic. FSG however, have set goals periodically for managers, staff and players. They are reachable, and when reach, move the club forward.

5. At least John Henry has a sense of humour

The “What do you think they are smoking over there at Emirates” message was written on the American’s Twitter account just after 2am local time in Boston, seemingly in response to the Gunners’ offer of £40million plus £1 for Suarez. Even his twitter bio reads, “It’s dangerous for execs to have opinions and humor.” – Speaks for itself, really.