Why Luis Suarez should not join Arsenal

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By @koptransferslfc

Well, where to start with Luis Suarez? He is one of the world’s best and most controversial players ever. This article  is not to justify why Luis Suarez should stay at Liverpool because of loyalty or weather he should not leave for money. Let’s face it, football is about money these days, at least for 99% of the players. This article is about why it doesn’t makes sense for him to join Arsenal and why the move would not help his career at all, in fact I believe it will only make it worse.

Now, don’t get me wrong I understand why Luis wants out. A player of his class should be playing for the best teams in the world, whilst we are the best club in the world; unfortunately we are not one of the best teams at the moment. However one thing that confuses and frustrates me is that when Luis was saying why he wanted out he blamed the media and said it was unbearable for him and his family. Now unless I am mistaken he wasn’t just talking about the Liverpool Echo, he was talking about the British press, so why does moving to Arsenal make that better? If anything it would make it worse because of the amount of publicity such a big move would get. So why does he continue to try and push forward this move when his reason for leaving isn’t justified at all?

Below is a video of Luis playing for Liverpool in a pre season friendly on Wednesday, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to notice he clearly is fed up, in fact I can smell his attitude all the way in Liverpool.

So now if any Arsenal fans are reading this and uttering their usual cry of “We have Champions League football”.  Don’t get me wrong I respect Arsenal as a club, they have great fans, amazing manager, boss stadium and a quality team but there is a difference in quality between Arsenal, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Anyone with any football knowledge will agree Luis Suarez is one the top 10 players in the world, so why would you try to push a move to Arsenal when he could go to any team in the world? It’s been reported Madrid aren’t interested in him but ask yourself this, would he make more of a name for himself getting Liverpool into top four and scoring thirty goals a season or getting Arsenal into top four and probably not score as much?

The whole scenario seems wrong to me, he must have fallen out with the manager or the players, it just doesn’t add up. This is the same player that stated time and time again that he loves the club and wants to get them into the top four. Indeed the next few weeks will be interesting as the transfer saga unfolds, one thing is for sure,  Luis Suarez will no longer be loved the same way by Liverpool fans and for that reason I pity him.