What Type of Owner Would You Want to See at Anfield?

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If FSG decides to sell LFC, we should ask ourselves; what type of owner would you want to see at Anfield?


First of all, what are the main types of owners? Lets take a brief look:

• Rich, but not too involved

• Rich, involved

• Not rich, not too involved

• Not rich, involved


An example of a rich, but not too involved owner would be (Sheikh) Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Manchester City. They’re happy to splash the cash, but you don’t often see the ownership answering questions about the actually club, transfers and other club ongoings.


What about a more involved owner who can slash the cash… Roman Abramavich. He spends money, we know that, but he keeps up with the club and makes changed if he isn’t happy.


Lets move on to a ‘not so rich’ owner. Many clubs fall into this category. For example, Newcastle, Everton and Southampton. Each of these clubs can spend money, just not as much as that of Chelsea and Manchester City. Each of there owners are also actively involved in the clubs development.


Finally, a club with smaller amount of money, and an owner who just doesn’t care… Now a handful of teams can fall into this category. As an example, I’m going to take Reading. Last season saw the team relegated. This was mainly due to a lack of spending and poor management. Their former manager, was sacked far too late into the season, showing a clear lack of action from the owners, Thames Sport Investment.


What category does Liverpool fall into then? Well we know our owners take an interest, it’s simply evident. Along with that, we have a decent amount of money to spend per season, however I’m not suggesting we are rich. We are simply in the middle, in this case.


Lets just count our lucky stars that we don’t have a pocketless owner with that ‘not bothered’ attitude. We have been there though, extra points to who can figure out who they were (Not hard).


Would a rich owner be that great anyway? Look at QPR. It didn’t work out for them, as we all know. As a personal opinion, I think that an owner must be a part of a club to move it forward, not just able to throw money at it.


What do you think? Does involvement really matter, or is it just about the money?