Love the players but don’t fall in love with them

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It is a curse of modern football, high paid players with zero loyalty. Unfortunately for many of us Kopites we struggle to cope with this, after we give our players all of our support and then get burnt time and time again.

Luis Suarez is the latest ‘Judas’ to betray the loyalty of the fans, those who stood by him through thick-and-thin during the most difficult time of his career when accusations of racism had him booed, snubbed, suspended and turned into a national villain. Time and time again Luis kept saying how much he loved Liverpool F.C. and the fans and then suddenly he woke up one morning and decided that he wanted to leave. What is going on?

Surely this is not a new phenomena for us, Fernando Torres wrapped the Liverpool scarf around the World Cup and six months later wanted out of the club and moved to Chelsea after claiming that ‘He would never play for an EPL club other the Liverpool’. Michael Owen literally grew up at the club then decided he wanted a ‘bigger club’ so he went to Real Madrid, flopped, went to Newcastle, flopped again and then joined the Manchester United bench.

I was still holding out for a glimmer of hope that Luis might have a change of heart after he saw how the fans rewarded Legends like Stevie during the testimonial. However it didn’t seem to have affect on him. He wants out, he is ready to join Arsene Wenger and live in London so he can be close to the News Media and F.A. that made his life miserable for the last eighteen months.

We Kopites are different kind of supporters, the vast majority of us show 100% loyalty to our players and if a rival fan or the news media says anything negative about our players we will defend them as it they are part of our immediate family. We give our players too much love and in this day of modern football we need to be careful on exactly how much love we give. Players like Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard (who I might note had almost left Liverpool) are rare species nowadays.

So next time you are about to put a player’s name on a Liverpool shirt think twice, maybe put a name of one of our legends instead of a current player.