The Suarez Way: His own worst enemy

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Finally! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our world class striker! With recent reports emerging that Suarez is now staying at Liverpool, we take a look at the overall saga that the Uruguayan himself caused and solved.

Several months back, it became apparent to all football fans worldwide that Reds striker Suarez had higher ambitions than Liverpool, and looked as if he was in the process of forcing a transfer. His options became know as Real Madrid and Arsenal. With Cavani moving from Napoli to PSG, its looked as if he had told a story of higher riches to Suarez; he also bashed Brendan Rodgers about not selling Suarez.

As time went on though, Liverpool held firm on NOT selling Suarez. At this point, Suarez reportedly directly asked to leave Anfield. With trivial bids from Arsenal, it became apparent that Suarez was looking for a needle in a very big haystack. Spanish giants Real Madrid look to have focused their efforts on PFA winner Bale, and told press that it was unlikely for them to bid for Suarez.

Becoming desperate, Luis went to great lengths. It almost appeared that Liverpool were keeping him against his will, when in reality there were simply no obvious buyers, plus he did sign a contract. FSG owner John Henry made clear that Liverpool were now not in a position to sell their star striker to anyone. Shortly after, he was told to train alone and apologise to fans.

Despite no direct apology (yet?), the striker said that the fans were his motive for changing his mind. The support given to him was noted as overwhelming. For us Liverpool fans, is that really enough? But then again he’s still here, and looks to be staying.

Even with a supposed promise made to Suarez (Thought to be between him and Daglish), he has seemingly given up on it and looks to be signing a renewed contract with an actual release clause. This tells LFC fans that the club is confident of obtaining Champions League football. However if the Reds fall short, they must know that Suarez will be right out the door, but this time nothing will keep him at Anfield.

Brendan Rodgers will now hope Suarez can be part of his plans to regain Liverpool’s position in the Champions League, rather than hinder their chances.

Suarez has in total been banned for 14 games for Liverpool. He is still banned for a further month (4 games) due to the biting incident. Perhaps this, the support of the fans, and the odds simply being against him has convinced him to repay the fans. In the process he has one goal in his head; Champions League. With that added mentality, Liverpool may push forward for the better.

Not all will forgive Suarez for what he has done, but keep in mind: He is his own worst enemy.

What do you think? Will he still leave if the right offer comes in?