Suarez: Staying or leaving

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(by @in_uter0)

“For now, owing to the affection shown me by the people, I would be staying.” Luis Suarez the want-away Liverpool centre-forward sparked controversy amongst fans on whether he would be staying or leaving, in the ambiguous statement above.

It is apparent from this statement that Suarez will stay at Liverpool, however Suarez is only staying as he is indebted to the Liverpool fans after all the support they have given him; when he “racially abused” Manchester United defender Patrice Evra and also when he bit Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. Suarez himself in the above statement acknowledges that he owes the Liverpool fans due to the “affection” shown to him by the “people” [Liverpool fans].

In contrast to this however, one may argue that Suarez will not stay at Liverpool as a result of the uncertainty in his statement, “For now”, the obvious connotation of this excerpt is that Suarez will only stay temporarily. Suarez is staying for the sole reason that he believes he must repay the Liverpool fans for their loyalty in defending him, in exchange for his loyalty in staying at Liverpool Football Club. Furthermore, Suarez is ambiguous in the latter parts of his comment, “I would be staying”, “would” is a past-tense verb, the fact that it is in the past tense indicates that Suarez will be leaving eventually, he has made up his mind that he would like to leave and this is why in his comment he has opted to use “would be staying” instead of using a less ambiguous verb, “will be staying”.

In conclusion, it seems crystal clear that Suarez will leave Liverpool Football Club; this is apparent through the centre-forward’s ambiguity in his statements and use of the past tense when describing if he “would be staying”. Suarez’s purpose for staying at the moment is that he owes the Liverpool fan’s some loyalty, as they have shown him loyalty and “affection”. Another reason that Suarez may be staying is the £50 million + price, that the Liverpool owners John W Henry and FSG will allow Suarez to leave the club for.